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When Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat seem short for all the goals you want to achieve. It’s time for you to extend the plan. Remember, Social Media is not specifically these platforms. It even includes real-life action and interaction. Thus, the limit lines are not on the most relevant platforms. Otherwise, the more you experiment in other environments, the more chance you have to succeed. Besides, expanding your Social Media strategy only brings more knowledge about your brand. You’ll understand what works and what doesn’t.

If you want to start expanding your strategy, you need to know where your niche spends its time. For example, if you’re managing a language teaching brand, then you need to know that YouTube is not the only place they can use to learn. Most of the language students like to practice with native language strangers. One of the best ways is going to special nights at bars or, maybe use apps to meet people. Perhaps you hadn’t considered it yet. It’s normal, don’t worry. Most of the Social Media managers are so worried to do better on popular platforms. Sometimes they forget the other sides where interaction is.

What’s fascinating in Social Media world, is that, the more creative you’re, the better. Creativity takes more than creating excellent content. It takes the wisdom to know where and when to share it. Wasting time in platforms that don’t give straight results, it’s bad for everybody. Always think where your niche might be hiding, waiting to be found and led. Become your user’s best friends by giving them what they want besides your product or service.

Thus, we want to show you five different tools or platforms where you can expand that strategy. It won’t take long to understand why you need them. Also, the last goal is that you start thinking about others besides the one of this list. Those are going to be the ones that adjust perfectly to you and your brand. Keep in mind that the Internet is an infinite world, and it’s there for you to use it.


A Bot is a system that works 24/7 when a customer asks for anything through a direct message. If your mind is thinking about the real robots, don’t worry, it’s not that far. The truth is that Bots are the new messaging apps’ best friends. Therefore, they’re incredible partners for strengthening your segmentation strategy. Besides, you don’t need a developer to carry out them. There are plenty of sites (no code required) for you to apply a Bot in apps like Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger is one of the many options you have. Other apps like Telegram and Slack are also Bots enthusiastic. It means that applying Bots is not only useful for your B2C communication. Otherwise, it also improves your internal relationships helping your team to have faster answers and reminders. But, of course, like any other robotic tool, you need to set up settings. It has to stay as human as possible so that can bring engagement and trust.

Extra Tools Social Media


Don’t freak out! You don’t have to date anyone to expand your strategy. But, it happens that Tinder is also a Social Media platform. Even though it has a definite purpose, which is to match potential couples. There are some elements of the platform you can use for marketing purposes. Earlier in this article, we pointed a specific example. If your business’ goal is to make people develop their potential, then your purpose is to guide people to your service.

Back to the example, you represent a language academy or similar. You can create a profile in this app that kindly invites foreign people in your radar to learn the language with your service. It’s not cheating people. It takes time and intelligence to create a profile, attractive but not misleading. Remember that reputation is important, so you have to learn how to approach to people properly.


If your brand is extremely attached to a cultural movement, then this is the strategy for you. When you’re studying the buyer personas, it’s necessary to know which are their hobbies. Based on those little details, we can submerge in our niches’ sites. Question yourself, where are my users getting information and leisure material? Surely, there many places like forums, review sites, audio and video platforms, and so on. Then, why are you seated and waiting? Go and give them what they want before they ask.

As you know, Spotify is a favorite platform to play music in a decent quality. What makes Spotify unique, is the new releases and playlists. Those playlists are sometimes artist’s recommendations, so fans run and play it. Apparently, users feel closer just with this piece of personal engagement. So, if you publish content about feminism, why don’t you create a female power playlist?

Extra Tools Social Media


Don’t dismiss anything in the digital world. It seems like, the more we advance in technology, the more we want the old goodies to come back. That’s the case of podcasts. You might think that a millennial never would sit down and listen to an audio recording for 45 minutes. Well, we’re wrong. Millenials are the ones who brought podcasts from death. Since radio is becoming more mainstream, podcasts are the salvation. Millenials have a lot of existential questions to ask. Apparently, none of their relatives can answer.

Therefore, why don’t just listen to an expert? No matter if it takes more than one audio. The primary goal is to consume more information and less noise. So you have a new subject to talk next time you drink coffee with friends.


We left the best for last. An e-book is something significant and almost necessary for any brand these days. It takes research, good design, and a great copywriting. Although, now it seems a lot of work, it worth it. E-books are essential for Content Marketing strategies. They push Social Media to another level. You can use different parts of the material in a variety of ways.

For example, list some phrases for Twitter. Create quote images based on the E-book. Create videos for Facebook and Youtube. If you keep digging, you’ll find that there’s a lot to do after the E-book release. Besides, it gives you credibility. Taking the time for creating an e-book, means that you care enough for your users. More importantly, you care about quality content.

Extra Tools Social Media

Now that we opened your mind up, it’s time for letting the imagination flows. Keep digging and finding hiding places where your users consume content. Share the same hobbies and taste with them. Let that engagement measure grows!


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