Instagram – with over 400 million active users every month, it’s definitely one of the top social network today. No wonder people compete to gain as much followers as they can. More followers can be translated into more sales for your business, more traffic for your blog and a strong community for your brand.

The questions still remains; “how do people manage to get over one million followers? Such a huge number of followers seem impossible except if one is a celebrity. In fact, having 50,000 followers or even 20,000 is considered a huge number depending on your goal and brand.

Well, I’ve got news for you today, getting huge number of followers is not impossible, you can do it whether you are a celebrity or not. These actions points listed in this article will help you grow your Instagram followers quickly.

1. Find Out What Your Audience Likes
If you want to get popular with your audience, you first have to figure out what they like. Go through your photos and posts to see which one get the most “likes” and “comments”. It will help you to figure out what they like. Give them what they like on constant basis and you will continually get more “likes”, tags and even reposting of your post. This is a great way to grow your Instagram followers.

2. Ask Your Followers To Take Action
Words drive action. Most people will not do something unless you ask them to. Ask your followers to “like” your photo if they agree with a quote you captioned it. You can as well ask them to tag a friend or repost to spread the love.

3. Ask Friends From Other Network To Follow You On Instagram
Leverage on other networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to grow your followers. Ask your friends on these networks to follow you on Instagram. Share a tweet with your Instagram username that tells your friends you are now on Instagram and they can follow you.

4. Do a Contest
Trust me, people like winning no matter the reward. Try to do a contest once in a while. Ask your followers to repost a particular photo and tag you in the caption. You can as well tell them to use your hashtag in their photos. This is a great way to get popular and grow your followers quickly. For an effective result, you can collaborate with other Instagram users.

5. Socialize, Socialize, Socialize
Instagram is a social network, you need to socialize. Respond to comments on your posts and don’t forget to leave comments and reactions on other posts. Don’t just drop quick comment like “Awesome” instead leavea genuine comment to encourage the person.

6. Like Photos In Your Niche
According to Susan Petersen, the CEO of Freshly Picked, she grew her Instagram followers to almost 400,000 followers by liking and commenting on other people’s photos. The trick is to spend hours everyday liking and commenting on other user’s posts. This would help you get your name out and allow other Instagrammers to discover you. To find other users in your niche, check hashtags or simply check the followers of your favorite Instagrammers. Avoid spamming, be authentic.

7. Make A Theme For Your Photos
Create a theme that will interest those checking out your account. Remember we recommend that your comment and like other people’s post, this will make them check out your account, ensure you give them something they will fall in love with anytime they visit your account. Write words that you want other users to associate with your account. Create a theme that attract and inspire people and stick to it.

8. Encourage People To Use Your Hashtag
Creating hashtag is a great way to build community when you are encouraging people to use it. Create a hashtag that has not been used before and ask others to use it. Your hashtag has to be for a particular purpose for it to work best. Once other users start using your hashtag, repost their images with proper credits. This will help you build community by letting your followers know you truly appreciate them. It will as well provide you with contents for your own account.

9. Geotag YOur Photos
Geo-tagging allows people to see location where you clicked a photo. Next time you are posting photos of that beautiful airport, restaurant, city or five star hotel you visited, make sure you geotag it. People with same geotag can see your photo and are more likely to follow you since you have something in common.

10.Link Your Account To Other Social Network Accounts
Linking your Instagram account to other social networks account you have such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ will help give you more exposure and allow people to discover your Instagram account.



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