3 Neat Little Instagram Tricks

Instagram is one of the largest social media networks on which people connect. Every day people spend hours scrolling, editing images, uploading them and sharing them with the world. But the thing is Instagram offers a lot of options for the users besides scrolling and uploading images. And yet even though there are many options on Instagram, many people limit themselves with just the basics. Here are 3 neat little Instagram tricks for you to use:

1. Automatically filter inappropriate comments
One of the problems with such a large media network is the fact that there are people who post comments on posts with irrelevant and inappropriate content. It might not sound as much, but when you stumble on a very mean comment on one of your posts it can be a little offensive. But, not to worry! Instagram offers users an option to hide inappropriate comments by filtering out certain customized keywords.

-Simply go to your user settings from your profile and go to your “Options” button.

-Tap on “Comments” under the Settings section.

*Here you can edit your preferences.

2. Mute stories from specific users that you follow
The thing about Instagram is that many users follow hundreds (possibly even thousands) of users, making it difficult to find the stories that are worth watching.

But if you don’t want to unfollow the users whose stories you’re not interested, what can you do? 

The good thing is that Instagram has solution even for this problem. Just tap and hold any user’s little profile photo bubble in the stories feed and select the mute option from the menu that pops up at the bottom of the screen. This simply fades their bubble and pushes it to the end of the feed.

3. Allow messages on stories only from followers you follow back
By default, Instagram allows all of your followers to send message replies to your stories. If you have a very popular account and aren’t interested in being bombarded by a flood of messages from a bunch of complete strangers, you can change this setting in the user settings on your profile.

-Simply select “Story Settings” under the account section.

*Here you have the option to set your message replies up so only followers you follow back can reply.


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