4th of July

Take the chair outside, turn on the jacuzzi, bring the food and light the fireworks. First, if you’re from America, we want to congratulate you. One more year of freedom, and one more year to party. For the rest of the world who’s not related to this date, we will explain it. United States’ Independence Day is every 4th of July. As a result of several years, people in America find this date attractive. Commoners and brands bet for the best posts on Social Media.

Needless to say, we know you want to do it better on your profile. So, don’t worry if you couldn’t make it this year. Prepare your eyes for recording all the trends and aesthetics you’re about to see. Eventually, it will be easier for you to understand how to Rock Social Media on the 4th of July celebration.

1.  Show your love with painting

Previously, we showed you the Oddly Satisfying trend. It seems like Instagram people love it. Honestly, we thank God it wasn’t just a viral thing. If you’re not related to this trend, we invite you to dig in. Luckily, our first cool post is one oddly satisfying video. But, it’s not any video, this time, you can see some real art. The artist plays with the national colors for this particular post. Although, you can see many creations on the profile.

2. Food for celebration

If your product has one of the national colors, then, you should take the best of it. As you see, Mc Donald’s knows what its audience wants. Everybody knows the delicious ice cream they sell. But, why not choose any other of their products? Is quite simple, tho. When you imagine 4th of July celebrations, you imagine, sun, fun, fresh. So, what else can be better than an ice cream?  You don’t need much to make something great.

3. Fashion is patriotic too (@marcjacobs)

Who would imagine that a flag can be a high fashion success? Well, nearly every American famous people. Thus, if we go back in history, then, you can find at least one picture of your favorite celebrity wearing a flag outfit. Some of those images were 90’s and 2000’s iconic pictures when it was a pop culture thing. Nowadays, we can make high fashion like this one from Marc Jacobs. Besides, the one who’s wearing it is the influencer model Karlie Kloss.

4th of July

4. Woof, woof 4th of July (@doodletales)

Everyone on Instagram love pets. How can we just not do? Although, once in a while, a particular breed is more famous than the other. This time, this little guy is the lucky one. You might have seen this kind from Katy Perry posts, so it quickly became famous. No questions why making your dog be the star for the 4th of July post is the best you could do.

4th of July

5. Take it to the next level (@naominailsnyc)

First of all, don’t judge without knowing. You will see it’s not a big deal, and it’s right for the occasion.  When it’s on the 4th of July, there are not enough flag things. All the opposite, the most flag you have, the better. Therefore, we want to applaud this nail artist, who knew how to show her patriotic love. If you’re a makeup artist, or in this case a nail artist, try to be creative. Remember this is an important date on Social Media, so take the best from it.

4th of July

6. Always and forever (@voguemagazine)

Retro images are always a cool thing to post. You see, in this era full of futuristic and well-produced pictures, sometimes we need a break. Thence, travel in time is more than good. Vogue magazine knows it better than anyone. Besides, they have a lot of history to bring back. Ultimately, if you have a good memory to show, this is your call.

4th of July

7. Bring on all the creativity (@marnelevine)

When you’re the head of the Instagram board, creativity is necessary. Therefore, this woman took her chance to share an artist’s composition on her profile. As we all know, human creativity is endless. So, it’s not weird that Instagram supports all this kind of creations, and hence, its executives too. Eventually, people started to show logos, and other icons created by objects. It’s something that’s going on for a while, and we want it to keep growing.

4th of July

8. What? Yes, it’s hair (@behindthechair_com)

When we said whatever your product is, take the best from it, we meant it. Likewise, however it looks creative, also applies. However, you may think it’s not possible, but we want to show how everything is possible. Hair, nails, makeup, all of them are considerate a kind of art these days. Thence, why not to create art from art? Collage art is a never-ending trend, and it’s used simply but effectively here. Bow down!

4th of July

9. OMG! Katy Perry (@sainthoax)

We wanted to cry from laughing when we saw this. Thank God for America, and thank God for Katy Perry. Although this is not an image from her profile, we bet she would love it. It belongs to a satirical artist, who take the best from pop culture. We all have seen the iconic costume moments from Katy Perry. Hence, we could easily think this is hers. In any case, we can say she rocks festivity days like anyone else.

4th of July

We bet you want to create something cool now. Well, it’s not too late, so go ahead! Let the creativity flow. Let us know which one was your favorite. Also,  share your creations with us! We can’t wait to the next festivities!


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