8 Tips to Engage your Audience on Instagram

When it comes to engagement, tips can be endless, and efforts should be continuous. If you want a prosperous and healthy life in Social Media Marketing, you can´t just pretend to post and let the internet make the rest.

Read these eight tips first, so you can have a clear idea of what it takes.

1. Time for you to create Infographics

In case you didn’t know, Infographics are in demand this year due to the huge amount of information about a single topic that we can find on the Internet. People appreciate somebody’s effort when collecting all the data, add amazing graphics and synthesize into a rocking infographic that be easy to read and share. By making a good piece, you gain trust, credibility, and love from your audience, because it means you care for them and you´re 100% ready to please their quality content needs.

2. Keep the motion

A common mistake in Social Media Marketing is to think that design, photography, and video work the same way they work in traditional practice. What’s amazing in a traditional format, might not be attractive on Social Media channels. If the content has no motion, if it’s not telling us something and is personal enough, it could be a waste of effort. Sometimes, you don’t even need a high-quality image, what it takes is an excellent curation of the material to see what generates more sensations.

3. Native content rules

Native content is the Nirvana for every Social Media expert. Once a brand stops curating content and starts creating content of its own, it´s the beginning of a new era. To reach this, you need to understand a few things first. You can’t publish a thousand posts per day, because it doesn’t make sense, and once you get into native content, you´ll need more time for planning and creating amazing pieces.

4. Answer fast

Don’t let your users wait for your reply, but also don’t answer one second after, because that’s what robots do. Try to train your Community Manager to respond like a pro, and by a pro, we mean like a human, unless your brand´s voice is an alien, then answer like an alien. People are getting more and more intelligent on Social Media, and they can easily know when a bot is answering their questions, which ends in avoiding contact with your company because they might think they are not being heard. So pay attention the way and the time that it takes you answer to your audience.

5. Move with interaction

If the goal is to get your audience to share your content, the way is interaction. The main key is to post content people can ask about, share with their friends, learn something, win prizes, prove their knowledge, show their talent. Remember your channel is not just for showing your ideas but listening and respond to other´s thoughts that also contribute to your brand.

6. User generated content is a must

Once you understand what interaction is, you´re ready for the next level. User Generated Content is not just trashing content that your users tag you on, and it´s not something that should be random. You need to focus your attention on creating contests that allow your user to upload quality posts you can use later. Even when they visit your company or buy your products, lead them to post a quality picture or video about their experience with delicate instructions of frame, light, filter, and so on.

7. Don´t sit down and wait for magic

Sadly, organic traffic is getting harder every day, and sometimes you can feel all your work is not worth it, especially if you´re a new brand. But don´t slow down, keep your head up and read what we have to say.

8. Understand your channels

What is good content if it´s not ready for the right channel? This question might sound philosophical, but you have to keep it in mind if you don´t want to make a huge mistake or two. As you know, there a lot of Social Media channels on demand. Most people say everyone should be on Instagram. But are you sure you want or need to be on every single platform? No! You need to find where your presence is wanted, and to figure out how many times your audience need you to feed that channel. Otherwise, you´ll find yourself publishing repetitive posts or not optimized ones.

Now you know how you can find the right path, it´s time for you and your team to work on what your audience want, and they´ll fall in love your brand!



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