Welcome to the land of creativity and strategies. We often tell you to stay in touch with big brands’ doing, and we mean it. Today, we want to study and present you the ten best Instagram lessons from Amazon. As you may know, it’s one of the biggest and richest brands of our times. But, they don’t stop making good content despite their success. Instead, they keep improving in new and functional ways of making Social Media a more relatable place for their audience. Here’s what you need to learn:

1. Make the impossible, possible

Amazon, such as the other big brands like Red Bull, take their vision, literally, out of this planet. Therefore, they decided to let their users know how is sex on space. But, that’s not all. The one who took the vital mission is a Dr. not precisely on her twenties. It’s an old Dr. who breaks all patterns when it comes to being a sex example, which makes it even more interesting. So, what want you to learn from this, is that your vision has to go beyond your limits!

2. Make buying something simply

Sometimes, we don’t have the time enough to go and check what’s new on Amazon. Perhaps, we do, but, there’s no time in finding new and exciting objects. Although, we don’t longer have to worry about. Amazon has the perfect strategy with “findings.” It’s a simple carousel that shows you new and funny things you might want on your next online shopping. Thus, they teach us how to make people’s shopping even more natural and less intrusive.

3. Try out things that no one dares to try

Who would possibly think that unpacking a simple box become a trend? Well, Amazon did! You can look at your brand, and you might find thousand “nonfunctional things.” Even though, we recommend you to look around twice. As you may see, an Amazon purchase ended when someones opened the box and used the product. Guess what? Not anymore! Now, people from all the world wants to take pictures and videos showing their pets unboxing products. Isn’t it amazing that you make it a whole experience?

4. Even basics are perfect

We’ve talked a thousand times about Visual Branding and how vital it is. And yet, we keep seeing that an essential element is dismissed in many accounts. Thence, we want to show you the perfect example of how to make things simple and effective. Look at the avatar optimization and the descriptions. There’s no need for overeating. Instead, the simpler, the better.

5. Prepare your audience for what’s about to come

Most special days are crucial for Amazon since they sell things for almost everything. Although, there are a few days of the year that need more attention than others. Such Halloween, which is the perfect day for shopping costume and a thousand things more. So, why wait until it’s the date? Of course, you don’t have to wait. Instead, you can prepare your audience with funny and emotional posts. Inspire them to buy days before the big celebration.


6. Keep it up with the trends

We all love to see dressing puppies on Instagram! They remind us of how would we¬†look-alike in certain situations. Therefore, we feel related to almost anything that has to do with playful puppies pictures. In this case, they captioned the post “dress for the job you want.” And, even though when we know dogs don’t get a job, it encourages us to go ahead and get what we want. Fantastic way of using trends!

7. Don’t just show it, use it!

What is the point of having the most incredible product if no ones get the chance to use it? Meaning, we don’t longer want to see regular ads, where they show us the product, and that’s it. No, we want to look at the product in action, in motion, tested, felt by someone in a proper context. In fact, we don’t need a big production to do so. Otherwise, the more straightforward you present the product, the audience will feel it’s completely accessible.

8. Bring the experience out of the computer

We will repeat this till the end of the days because it’s important enough. Remember, Social Media it’s not just about what’s going on behind the screen. Instead, it’s more about what’s happening in the real world and how people react to it. So, Amazon supports live music sessions where they get to connect with the audience, artists and selling products at the same time. It doesn’t sound bad, does it?

9. Make fun of yourself ( or your products)

There’s anything else people love more than a good sense of humor. If your brand’s message is appropriate for a joke, then you should go for it. Although, don’t get too far. Meaning, try to not upset or hurt anyone because the purpose is to make people feel happy. Thus, you need to go for fresh ideas you can work with unconventional pairs, like in this photo.

10. Take reviews to another level

In a company like Amazon, a powerful trigger that can destroy everything is a review. For several years, discussions are beloved and hated by almost every seller in the world. So, since it’s such a delicate subject, why not to make it the cutest thing? Inevitably, everyone will chill out and let the review resentment go away. Thus, from all the strategies we choose this like the best

11. Make your audience choose
Interaction is far beyond likes and comments. Today, communication is about playing games with your audience, letting them decide what they want to see. Make them feel they’ve got the power of opinion. Also, make them feel comfortable in a community where diverse taste is allowed. As a result, you’ll find new people. Furthermore, it increases the chances of them taking part in your products and community. Ultimately, a connection is essential and so is playful interaction.


Amazon is just one from the many examples we could give you. But, it’s up to you finds out what works better for your brand. As you may see, Amazon is multifunctional, so it’s pretty easy to find new ways of improving content, and we understand if your company is a tough one. So please, don’t stop trying, everything has a right side you can always explore and share.


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