There are many types of hashtags with different purposes. Some of them are just for visibility and reach, others are to enhance company culture, and some others are just for fun. Previously, we talked to you about how important they are and how to make a right Branding Hashtag, which is like the Nirvana in the Hashtag’s World because it represents a whole work of strategy and understanding of your brand.

On the other hand, we have the “simple” hashtags, which are popular due to people’s use. These, sometimes are misunderstood or underestimated, just because they’re simple words with a “#.” However, they play a big part in our posts because they will join the caption and let other people sees our content. Also, it will let us expose the brand to a bigger community full of active users around the world.

We have to be careful if we don’t know enough about it, and it’s ok, you don’t have to be “mister know it all” right away. If you don’t know the hashtags basics, don’t panic, we’ll explain you a few things quickly before we show you some powerful tools. First, you need to know that they have to respond to your brand purposes, so no matter how #Love is the most popular, if it has nothing to do with your post, please don’t use it. Secondly, you shouldn’t use a lot. Otherwise, it will be considered as spam. Finally, you can always create some of your own or add emojis to make it even cooler.

Now that you know the basics, we decided to show you a short but useful list with some good tools for finding hashtags. Because, you see, we didn’t tell you an important step: do the research. Every time you try to make the hashtag strategy better, it’s necessary to find the most popular, used and shared hashtags of your niche. To do that, you can use some web and mobile apps. Here are six good ones!

1. Tag It

It’s only available for Android. This app has a complete category system where you can search popular hashtags in detail. Also, there’s a special section where to look for the most used hashtags around the world. The cool thing is, inside the app you have the freedom to create your own group saving the most used hashtags in your posts. The app counts with one button that leads you straight to Instagram, but you can also copy and paste the hashtags you found on Facebook or Twitter.

2. RiteTag

Download for both Android and iOS. If you have no much time to update the trending hashtags, this app does it for you. It has a notifications system that lets you know when a new hashtag of your niche is on top. Also, if you like to compare which one could be better, here, you can find that option. And if you like to try on your own, when writing a hashtag, a color system will show how good it is. So if you want a smart app with great answers, this is the one.

3. Magnify

The world of keywords makes our lives better. Magnify proves it with its original functions, which consists of using Android features to type a keyword and predict a hashtag choice. Ok, it’s not magic, and yes, we will explain better.

For example, if you type Magnify_food in your caption, various hashtags will appear, so you no longer have to research or copy and paste many hashtags, because that’s the app’s job. By now, there are almost 20 preset categories, or you can create your own hashtag collection with a shortcut and 30 tags. Besides, once you set up the app for the first time you no longer have to visit the user interface, which is good because there’s no need of going to the app anytime you need to use it.

4. Tagomatic

If you want the best real-time options, then this is the place where you should be. You only need to do the search, the app will present the hottest options, and you’ll only need to copy and paste in your caption. You can either select the best options for videos or photos and access to Instagram’s platform directly from the app’s button. Straightforward and efficient!

5. Tagstagram

Tagstagram is available for both Android and iOS, but if you don’t want to install the app, there’s a web version which is mobile friendly. This app also follows the category system we’ve seen during the entire article. What makes this app so cool is the fact that all options are in groups, being more friendly for those who are just trying these kinds of apps for the first time.

Hashtag Finding Apps

6. TagsDock

Only for iOS, this app is one of the coolest from the list. If you like the best features for your cell phone, then you’re going to love this. The app set up a unique hashtags keyboard, so every time you want to post something, write with the regular QWERTY, and when the time comes, activate the hashtags keyboard.

Hashtag Finding Apps

Now you have the wisdom and the tools to be a Hashtag expert. Try all of them and find the one that fits perfect with the brand’s needs and helps you to find relevant tags for any occasion. And of course, please let us know which one was your favorite.


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