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Great Apps To Create Content For Social Media

When it comes to social media, one of the most important factors is the content you post. In some cases, we don’t always have the money to hire an experienced designer who would do the job we need. However, there is no need to worry as today we will show you 5 great apps to create content for social media.


Skitch is an excellent app for adding texts and symbols to your photos. Among the so many options from within the app, you can encircle objects, add arrows, draw on the screen and more. This app, although amazing, is currently available only for iOS.


Aviary is a mobile app created by Adobe designed to let its users edit their photos in a very professional way. This app allows you to resize your images, adjust the colour, use filters, create memes, add stickers and much more.

Aviary is currently available for both iOS and Android devices.

3Word Swag

Word Swag is a very useful app to create content. It allows you to create amazing text layouts that would normally take hours to design in Photoshop. The app has hundreds of options from where you can choose to customise your photos.

WordSwag is known as the typography app and is available for both iOs and Android devices. However, in order to use it, you first need to buy it.

Now, we understand some people don’t like the idea of paying for an app. But, trust us, this one is simply amazing.


Desygner is without a doubt one of the best apps on the market right now. It allows you edit your photos in a few simple taps and choose from literally over a million templates within the app.

Among the number of things you can do with this app, Desygner allows you to create graphics, banners, posts and more. All of that for free.

Desygner is available to use on iOS and Android devices, as well as for computers.


When it comes to graphic design, Canva is one of the bests platforms to work on. It allows you to do a wide variety of things such as adding texts, create infographics, design banners and more. The platform has literally thousands of templates for you to use and create incredible graphics.

It is also available for both iOs and Android devices as well as for computers.


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