Avoid Liking Instagram Posts By Accident

There’s something all social media platforms have in common. Users have the power to like the posts they find. Evidently, liking a post is very easy. Perhaps the easiest thing to do on social media. But, precisely because of how easy this is, users often like posts by accident.

Now, we can always unlike something and act as if nothing happened. But, here’s the thing. Every time we like something on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, we risk the person whose post we liked getting a notification about it. 

Avoid accidentally liking a post

So, let’s say that you were stalking your ex on Instagram. You wouldn’t want them to know that you were looking at their photos because you liked one of their posts by accident, would you?

Of course not, nobody wants that. So, maybe turning your mobile data off could help, right? Unfortunately, it can’t. Instagram actually has a feature that allows you to like posts regardless of your mobile connection.

So, if you check someone’s Instagram and accidentally like one of their posts without realising, once you connect again, that person will get a notification informing them of your action. Now, how does one avoid that? Well, keep reading to find out. 

Airplane Mode

Unfortunately, there’s not an exclusive feature within Instagram, or any other social media platform that will allow you to surf through posts without liking them by accident. 

However, if you want to check someone’s profile without the risk of liking something that will alert them, all you need to do is turn on airplane mode.  

It is almost like turning off your mobile data. But, with one difference. When you turn off your mobile data, you can still like posts on Instagram. However, when you activate airplane mode on your phone, you can no longer like posts. 

Airplane mode and Instagram


Now, there’s one thing to keep in mind. Before you activate airplane mode, make sure to go on whoever’s Instagram profile you want to check out first. Otherwise, turning on airplane mode on your phone will prevent Instagram from loading the posts at all.  


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