Baby cheese challenge trend
The new social media trend - the baby cheese challenge!

There is one thing that almost all social media platforms have in common. They all give users the power to make something go viral. A challenge, a video, a post – you name it. Indeed, over the past year, many trends went viral on social media. The In my feelings challenge and What the fluff challenge are just two of many examples. 

Evidently, this is something that won’t stop any time soon. So, every year we witness how new trends are born. And today we are here to talk about one of the newest challenges of 2019 – The Baby Cheese Challenge.

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The Baby Cheese Challenge – What’s It About?

So, what is this whole baby cheese challenge all about? Well, it’s pretty simple actually. The baby cheese challenge consists of a person throwing a slice of cheese to a baby’s face. Of course, the purpose behind this is to catch the baby’s reaction, and then upload it online. 

The trend first became popular on Twitter, but was then shared on Facebook and Instagram. Certainly, this helped to boost it up to the point of making it become a viral challenge. 

On a side note, the baby cheese challenge has become so popular, that even supermarkets have decided to put up signs like the one from the image below to ask parents not to throw cheese at their babies. 

baby cheese challenge

People’s Thoughts

Now, what do people actually think about this? Well, we know for sure that there are people who find challenges just to be stupid. As a matter of fact, they blame it on millennials. 

So, having to hear individuals complaining about social media trends is not uncommon. However, there are old people who see challenges as funny and have nothing against them. But, these same people are the ones finding this trend to be a bad one. 

Of course, there are certain challenges that can only be described as stupid. For example, a person eating cinnamon, or burning their skin with salt and ice and all of that kind of stuff. 

Indeed, people don’t support this, but don’t complain either. Mostly because they know that those who decide to do these challenges are aware of the consequences. But, with the baby cheese challenge, things are different.

People argue that this trend is sort of abuse towards infants. And of course, this has generated a huge debate among the online community. Some users will argue that the challenge is harmless, while others will say that it’s unfair to do this to babies who cannot defend themselves or express disgust.

People are calling the baby cheese challenge dumb


The baby cheese challenge has obviously annoyed quite a lot of people. But, as grandma would say, there’s a solution for everything but death. So, what does this mean? Well, it means that even though some people don’t support the idea of throwing a slice of cheese at a baby’s face, they still enjoy doing the challenge. 

However, they do apply a small variation. You see, instead of throwing a slice of cheese at a baby’s face, there are people who opt to throw the slice of cheese at their pets, or even their older friends. 

Final Thoughts

From a personal point of view, I think this trend should be seen as just that – a simple trend. It will eventually be forgotten and people will continue with their lives. 

Finally, the debate on whether or not this challenge is harmful to babies will also stop. If you disagree with people throwing slices of cheese at their kids, just ignore them. Don’t do the challenge and wait for it to pass. Let’s just be thankful that this trend doesn’t encourage children to eat cinnamon, or anything silly like that!



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