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An Influencer could either your mom or your favorite celebrity. Somewhere in between could be you! To become a great Social Media Influencer takes more than a significant followers amount. First of all, you aim to be active at least in one of your Social Media accounts. Thence, you have to trust yourself and a special talent you have. Posteriorly, you have to create bonds not just with brands but with your people. Obviously, that’s the hardest part of the plan.

But, don’t worry, it’s not a dark path. You just need to be patient and commit yourself to the cause. Otherwise, you could be just another shooting star on the ceiling. We want you to understand the main keys to create a good impact on your rising way to success. Eventually, you’ll see that these six pieces of advice are going to join you all the way through.

1. Pick a niche
A common mistake people do when trying to become an Influencer is talking about everything. For example, one day, you’re a video games expert. Next day, you’re a fitness expert, and so on. What they don’t see is that they’re pushing people away. Although, we’re not saying you can’t evolve and expand your knowledge. All the opposite, you have to be wiser every day. But, people don’t want you to see you jumping between niches. They want you to create a community and grow with them.

Therefore, you need to decide what’s your niche. Is it dogs or animals in general? Try something that fits you. Talk about something because you love it, not because you pretend to be a celebrity right away. Indeed, you need to focus on trends to become famous, but try to faithful to your niche first.

2. Be honest

TV shows hosts are so overrated and old-fashioned. Furthermore, we don’t want to see a fake person. We want your true self in the game. Even though, you can create a character or alter ego, try to make it yours. Own it, embrace it and share the world as it is. Remember, a successful Social Media Influencer is always honest. If the Influencer says a product is good, then, the followers are going to buy it. So, you don’t want to lie about something because people are going to blame you if it goes wrong.

Social Media Influencer

3. Storytelling is your guide

Think of this: who’s the most influential person in your life? Exactly, the person who always knows what to say, using the best story or improving yours. So, why storytelling? Simple, our lives are stories with ups and downs. Things and people come and go and our taste changes. Thus, we always want a reference able to give a piece of advice or two. As an Influencer, you could be that reference.

Even celebrity Influencers use storytelling as a primary tool to deliver the message. They tell you how the product works or how they feel about it. Hence, you can’t just show a product as traditional advertising. People want to see you using it, feeling it and telling a story behind.

4. Think of hashtags

The power of segmentation is undeniable. Thus, the best tools to win the battle on that field are hashtags. Needless to say, hashtags are not just “another thing” for Influencers. In fact, it plays a big part in every campaign. By creating a hashtag, you’re not just playing for being a trend. You’re playing to create communities and attract a new audience and attention.

For example, an influencer does a video where impersonating a celebrity. Then, the Social Media Influencer needs to make that celebrity watch the video. What is the primary step to take? Yes, make people comment on celebrity’s last post, using the hashtag provided by the influencer. Ultimately, the community fills a post using the hashtag, and the star might notice it. As a result, you make people take part and create a massive movement promoted by a hashtag.

Social Media Influencer

5. Meet your audience

A Social Media Influencer can’t be someone distant or untouchable. We don’t need kings and queens. We need real flesh and bones we can touch. If you’re only online famous, we recommend you to start looking for opportunities to meet your audience in real life, quickly. Listen what they have to say because they don’t want just to listen to you, they have a voice too. Don’t forget that voice made you famous, and could get you disappear too. Create meetings, plays, forums, or even a contest where you meet the winner. In case your audience is far away, create webinars or live transmission to keep in touch.

6. Create your Influencer squad

If you think wisely, Social Media is never about one person or two. It’s about communities, a lot of individuals with the same interests and goals. So, why should you isolate yourself and not share the spot? That’s something that doesn’t make any sense. If you want to be a good Social Media Influencer, then, you have to collaborate with others. Thence, it’s time for you to contact other Influencers on your niche and start creating good content together. In that sense, you’re also accessing a new audience.

Social Media Influencer

You’re ready to make it through and become a great Social Media Influencer. With a little of knowledge and creativity, there’s nothing that could go wrong. Stop doing what’s wrong and start doing what’s right because it’s never too late. Give your audience what they want and stay honest to yourself and your brands. Finally, enjoy what you do, and people will enjoy it too.



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