Bella Hadid Summer Lessons

Summer is over, and the Internet has a rightful queen. She’s the queen of the best Instagram profile of the season. Not other than the model of the year, Bella Hadid. Yes, the younger sister of the also model, Gigi Hadid. Bella Hadid Summer lessons were the best, and we procured to show you the best of them. You will find the inspiration you need for future Summer seasons. And, why not? Maybe for Autumn and next seasons too. These lessons are timeless, and you only can do it better. Thence, you only need to read and put everything in practice!

1. Be the sun

You have to play with all that nature gives you. If you’re in summer, you must have fun with the main character of the season, which is, of course, the sun. Remember, we always tell you that emotions worth more than a perfect photograph. So, no matter how good you’re taking pictures, if there’s no game in the shoot, it won’t work out. Just look at her, you might think this the sun’s face this Summer, and you want to run and take a picture with a lighting like this.

Bella Hadid Instagram

2. Be free

She’s the best at the Bambi pose, and always trendsetter to new fresh and playful poses for Instagram pictures. Furthermore, she always shows herself as a free spirit, and this picture is the proof. Similarly, another thing about the summer is that our bodies feel in the best shape and by shape, we mean the perfect energy to do everything.  Therefore, we should take advantage of our rush and create impressive compositions like this. Prepare yourself for next year!
Bella Hadid Instagram

3. Support those who support you

What a better time to help the fans who support you than Summer? But, we have to make it in public. You have to play with the mood of the season. We all want to be out and find our favorite celebrities on the street, for instance, and take a picture with a perfect lighting. So, why not to make your fans dreams come true, and support their profiles by a mere mention? Bella knows best, and she’s always ready to please her fans before they even ask.
Bella Hadid Instagram

4. Establish the cool colors

She’s probably the model of the year, and no wonder why. During this year, we have seen her in many roles for brands of all styles. Although, summer was certainly her best moment. We saw her ruling from New York to Shanghai and beating records like most Vogue covers at the same time. Besides, she brought 90s fashion and colors back, which is perfect for Summer. Not a coincidence that younger models are following her street style and freshness in front of a camera.
Bella Hadid Instagram

5. Back to summer basics

If you have a favorite activity or hobby in your life, then Summer is the perfect season to remind your audience what you’re into. Unless of course,  that activity is Snowboard and such. But, if it’s not the case, then you can keep reading and use your best card. Use the colors of the summer to bring emotion to your favorite activity. Just like Bella did in this picture. Nevertheless, she’s not the protagonist. Otherwise, his beautiful baby horse is. Also, make your activity or favorite person/animal the focus.
Bella Hadid Instagram

6. Play around

She’s not the Summer figure of Instagram for nothing. She traveled the entire world and enjoyed every part of it. That’s exactly what you have to show to your followers. Thus, when visiting a new place, you have to share the experience and not how much it costs or things you can easily find on Google. Somehow, people reject generic content, so you better play around the place and take creative pictures using your imagination and kid spirit. Finally, inspire them to visit new places next Summer.
Bella Hadid Instagram

7. Don´t forget to take care of yourself

No matter if you’re flying, you can always take care of yourself. As you may know, especially if you’re a woman, we tend to forget to take care of our body during summer. Things like, hair care and skin care are the ones we must remember first. So, this famous model reminds all of her followers, that no matter the jet lag, your skin always comes first. Additionally, this is good advice if you’re getting into the modeling world.
Bella Hadid Instagram

8. The simpler, the better

We all prepared ourselves for the Eclipse of 2017, previously this summer. Witchcraft rituals, special prayers, closing cycles, and so on. But Bella, instead, decided to show us that moment from her best point of view. A straightforward and emotional picture of her mom waiting for the big moment, while relaxing in a farm. How cool is that? This image, indeed, can be reminded in a few years as one of the best shared during this special event. All the lessons we’ve read are together in one picture.
Bella Hadid Instagram

It’s Bella Hadid’s year, but indeed, she was the queen of the Summer, and no one can complain. She’s a master in Social Media content and fresh visuals’ wizard. Even though the Summer is over, you can start planning how would it be next year. Inspire from these lessons and create ones of your own.


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