After studing 160,000 Instagram photos we analysed the colors and filters used to get more likes, comments and follows. And the best filter is.. Willow! Yes, it turns out the black and white filter attracts the most amount of likes per photo. Although not using a filter at all was almost just as effective.


We also analyzed the colours that attracted the most amount of likes. It turns out people go more for blues and greens rather than warmer orange and yellows. Although it was already popular belief that having pictures with blue in it tended to attract more likes.




So there you have it, use this at your own discression. The truth is that you should cater your filters and colors to your own audience. For example black and white photos may not be the best option for landscapes and travel photos.

This data certainly is useful to build an audience base in which you can later learn from and better cater to.

Any other tips? Leave a comment below!


  1. I dont want followers and like i would like to pay for views does your website Reccomend that please thanks


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