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There was a time when Facebook was the main social media platform to start a business online. However, with time, Instagram also became a go-to site for entrepreneurs to join the game. Eventually, this would mean that both sites would need to put all their effort into making their users happy. 

And so they did. But how exactly? Well, we can summarise it with one word – features! Both Instagram and Facebook work every day to make sure we get the most interesting, useful, and fun features ever. 

Instagram features

And most of the time, such features benefit both brands and users in general. As a matter of fact, Facebook and Instagram have recently launched a Book now button option to help brands offer a better service to their customers.

In a nutshell, an online business could implement the button on their Facebook or Instagram page, and allow their customers to make reservations to certain services directly from there.

So, today we are going to teach you how to add the book now button to your Facebook and Instagram page. 

Book Now Button

How To Add The Book Now Button On Facebook 

So, let’s start with Facebook. First of all, go to the Facebook page you want to edit. Then point your mouse to the bottom part of your cover and select the blue button in the bottom right. 

Most pages will have the “Send Message” option. But, don’t worry, it’s totally customizable. Once you have your mouse arrow over the blue button, you will see a bunch of options pop up. Go to where it says “Edit button” and click it. 

How to book appointments on Facebook

After that, you will get access to a small window with a bunch of options you can choose. Click where it says book now, and then click next. Now, here’s what’s new. You will be asked to choose between two booking methods:

One, you can add a URL to redirect your customers to book their appointments on your website. Or two, you can choose the “Appointments on Facebook” option. That’s the one we are choosing. 

Finally, set the days and times customers can book appointments, and list the services you want to offer. 

Facebook booking tool


There’s one important thing to know. In order to add the book now button to your Instagram page, you need to have a business profile. Otherwise, not a thing of what we are about to explain is going to work.

Now, in case you don’t have a business profile, all you need to do is click here and follow the steps detailed in the article. The whole process will take you about 5 minutes and you will be able to enjoy lots of benefits that can make your brand pop out. 

Instagram business tools

How To Add The Book Now Button On Instagram

Now that you have your Instagram business profile, all you need to do is follow these steps. First, open Instagram on your phone and go to your business profile. Then, tap where it says “Edit Profile”, and scroll down until you find the “Business Information” option.

After that, you will need to tap where it says Contact Options. Click on Add an action button and select ‘Gettimely’ from the list of services. You will then need to add a booking URL. But, don’t worry, there’s no need to create one. 

How to add a book now button on Instagram

As a matter of fact, Instagram does it for you. Go to Setup > Booking buttons, and copy it from there. Finally, select the Book Now Link option and edit the things you want your followers to book. From services, to time, days, and more. That’s pretty much it, you just need to tap the Finish button and you are done. 



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