Brand Ambassador strategy

First of all, you need to know if a Brand Ambassador is what you really need. Sometimes, people don’t actually understand the differences between an Influencer and a Brand Ambassador, and you probably need to clear up your thoughts about that first. But, if you already knew what a Brand Ambassador is, and you’re a 100% sure that’s exactly what you need, then here’s a list of some easy tips that will help you with your new team member.

1. The Brand Ambassador should not necessarily be a human

Sometimes, the companies create a fictional character like a cartoon or a human in a role play. If you think that no one fits in with your original ideas, then it’s time for you to create a Brand Ambassador that represents the image of your company and creates empathy with your audience.

2. Build a close relationship with the Brand Ambassador

Remember, that person ain’t another employee with a single task to do, that person represents your brand and all that comes with it. You need to build a very good relationship improving the feelings that person has for your brand and carry out a good plan where both of you agree with the best strategy.

3. Make a good plan

You see, the relationship you should have with a Brand Ambassador is quite different from the relationship you should have with the Influencers. If you want a brilliant strategy, then you have to trace clear goals and reach them. So, make sure you write down the goals (realistic ones) and check them at the end of the month or the period you propose.

4. Ask for some specific tasks

Maybe, you might get involved in a perfect relationship with your Brand Ambassador and you might feel that both of you can conquer the world in one month, but stop! Be realistic and always remember that the success remains in the simple things. If you get to know that person really well, you can identify the specific tasks you should assign. Therefore, your expectations will not set you up for the disappointment that might hurt the relationship. Stay clear!

5. You can have more than one

Yes! You can create a perfect duet or go beyond with a perfect squad. Maybe your company needs more than one voice in order to achieve better results. Don’t panic! And don’t be afraid of new ideas, like adding a new person with a different perspective of your brand.


We would love to hear how you started your Brand Ambassador strategy. Write a comment and let us know!


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