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Buying Instagram followers online - is it worth it?

At present, there are millions of influencers all over the world. Evidently, they are extremely popular thanks to their large number of followers on social media. But, how is it that they have so many fans on Instagram and similar platforms? Is it that easy to start building a presence on these sites?

Well, it depends. Some people are lucky enough to grow organically in just a short period of time. Unfortunately, this is not the case for all of us. In fact, a regular person has to put in some time and work before starting to gain their first few followers. And not everybody is willing to wait for too long.

So, is there a way to speed up the process? What about buying followers online? Well, it is an option. Still, there’s a lot you should consider first. For example, buying followers online presents some risks. Most sites will just sell you bots (click here to learn more about that).

Nevertheless, I am willing to find out by myself how effective using this method actually is in order to grow on social media. Of course, in this particular case, we are going to focus solely on Instagram. But, wait a second, I’m not just going to buy any kind of followers, I’m going to buy “REAL” Instagram followers. At least, this is what some of the sites I will use claim to sell. So, let me explain to you a little bit about how this experiment will go.

Buying real Instagram followers

Buying Real Instagram Followers – What You Need To Know

First of all, you need to know how this is going to work. I will be testing three different websites that claim to sell real Instagram followers. To do so, I have created a new Instagram account that you can check out by clicking here.

This account will have food-related posts and nothing but a few hashtags and brief descriptions. This way, I will see whether or not the followers I buy interact with my posts. Finally, this experiment will be divided into three parts. In each one, I will evaluate a number of different factors. For example, the time it took for each site to deliver the followers, the authenticity of the accounts, and so on. So, now that you know what this is all about, let’s get started.

Buying real followers for Instagram
As you can see, the account has 0 followers and just one post. Now, let’s see what happens after I buy some followers online.


The first website that I will try is called Famoid. It claims to deliver real and active followers, providing instant delivery. The server connection is secure and you can pay with either a debit/credit card or PayPal. In, this particular case I will buy the smallest package ($2.95 – 100 followers) and see what happens. 

Buying Instagram followers on famoid


I have now bought the hundred followers package and I got results. So, does this site gives what it promises? Well, technically they do. However, there are a few things to consider. Here’s how effective it was to buy followers from 

Buying followers from Famoid

Time of Delivery

The site states that it takes up to 5 minutes to receive the number of followers you bought. Of course, results may vary from time to time, which is exactly what happened in this case. As a matter of fact, I had to wait exactly seven minutes to receive the one hundred followers that I bought. 

Finally, one thing to note is that you don’t get all of the followers at once. Instead, they start to appear little by little as the minutes pass. 

Buying Instagram followers


After waiting for 7 minutes, I got what I was promised. In fact, Famoid ended up giving me more than one hundred followers. To be more accurate, I got 121 followers for the inexpensive price of $2.95. However, for some reason, I lost 2 of those followers in the next half hour. 

I bought real Instagram followers

Still, I got more than what I asked for. That’s good, right? Well, in a general scenario it would have been something good. Unfortunately, I have to say that this was not the case. Let me explain why. 

First of all, I did receive the followers that I was promised. So, in a way, Famoid did its job. But, here’s the thing – after seeing how my number of followers went from 0 to over 100, I decided to check a few of the profiles of the people following me. And this is what I found. 

Why you shouldn't buy Instagram followers

As you can see in the above image, most of my followers don’t have a profile picture. Therefore, I decided to investigate a bit more and went on to some of their profiles. I then discovered that most of the people following me don’t have any posts nor profile pics.

Some have private accounts, and just a very small number of them have a few posts with tags and descriptions. At this point, I was sure I paid for bots. But, I decided to give Famoid one more chance and followed one of my new followers back. The reason? Well, I wanted to send a message to a fellow user and see if I got a reply. 

Now, the person I decided to follow back was one of the very few whose profile looked authentic. I mean, she had quite a lot of posts, comments, tags, likes, and more. So, I went on to DM her and explained that I was doing an Instagram experiment. But, despite her being active liking posts from other people, I never got a reply. 

Instagram messaging


It has been an hour since I bought the package from Famoid. Unfortunately, there have not been any interactions yet. The one post my new account has only got two likes and one follower before I bought the service Famoid was offering. 

But to be fair, I only bought followers. So, technically I am not supposed to receive likes or comments. However, from the number of people that follow me now, at least one should have noticed my post, right? 

Sadly, it doesn’t seem to be the case. But, I’m not here to give up that easily. So, what I am going to do is upload a new photo and wait another hour to see if I get any likes or comments. 

I have now waited for one extra hour since I posted the last photo. But guess what? Once again, no one reacted to my post. At least, no one from my list of new followers. This time, I posted a photo of a traditional Mexican dish, tacos. But, that’s not all. As a matter of fact, not only did I post the photo, but I also tagged one of my new followers.

My hopes were to at least make this person wonder as to why I tagged her in the first place. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch her attention. Instead, the hashtags I used for this post landed me a like from a taco related Instagram account that doesn’t follow me, and a few other accounts that don’t follow me either.

How to tag people on Instagram
I got those 4 likes thanks to the hashtags used. Sadly, I never got an interaction from the follower I tagged.

Final Thoughts – Real or Not?

After a few hours, I came to the realisation that this is just another case of a site that gives you bots as followers. On one hand, I received the number of followers that I was expecting.

On the other hand, I didn’t benefit from it at all. No comments nor likes from my new followers. Finally, almost 95% of them don’t have any content on their profiles. The accounts that do have some sort of content have barely any interaction. 

To put it briefly, if someone were to ask me whether or not this site is worth it, I would respond with a simple NO. Keep an eye out for the next part of this experiment! 


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