Celebrities Instagram Easter

Who doesn’t love bunnies? And even when we’re not on Easter holiday, we can’t stop adoring them. Also, who in the world doesn’t melt when seeing a chocolate egg? We can’t wait until that Sunday of the year when we feel no guilty about eating all the chocolate eggs we can and play with as many bunnies there are around. Fun is not exclusive for kids during this day. Instead, all the family and friends get together to celebrate and share all the love.

Celebrities adore celebrating this day and share the good vibes with their followers. Some of them give great parties with fancy stuff and surprises, others just decide to spend quality time with their loved ones, and others prefer to keep it in private but still, post some content related to the occasion. In any case, after the fun is over, they go straight to Instagram and publish their best pictures and moments during the day so the fans can get a closer look at their celebration.

Therefore, we selected some of your favorite celebrities on Instagram to show you how they spent this particular day of the year and how they decided to post it. We can tell you that bunnies are still “in” and everybody got their chocolates. Besides, some of them shared in the same place but with different experiences. So go on and take a look at what you might be posting on Easter next year.

1. Kim Kardashian

Selena might be the most followed person, but she has to share the crown with some other queens. The Kardashians are already famous for their fabulous parties during the special holidays, and Kim knows how to make her best when it comes to Easter. She has two kids of her own and nephews. Kim enjoys throwing the best afternoon Easter party, not just for kids but adults too. She doesn’t hesitate on sharing the moments minute by minute, and always picks Instagram to immortalize the best content of the day on her feed.


Celebrities Instagram Easter


2. Carla Bruni

The former model and First Lady of France is pure simplicity and tenderness, not only with her music but with her lifestyle, which she shows on her profile with incredible memories of her earlier career, delicate notes of her music career and of course, the quality time she spends with her kids. For Easter, she decided to post a simple but emotional picture of an adorable bunny and her daughter playing with it, next to her with a warm smile for all of her followers.

Celebrities Instagram Easter

3. Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton arrived a bit late for being one Instagram queen, but we’re all still very fond of her and her fancy lifestyle, reminding us the good old days of 2000’s. Therefore, of course, we want to know how she spent her time on Easter. No surprises when we saw her particular post, where she included her most adored dog puppies and bunny ears because we all know how much she enjoys costumes and dressing perfectly for any occasion. Paris’ style hasn’t changed, but it seems to fit perfectly on Instagram.

Celebrities Instagram Easter

4. Britney Spears

The princess of pop loves to share family moments and experiences with friends, but on this occasion, she decided to go simple and post the picture of a sweet little bunny. We expected she posted an adorable picture with her kids. Even though, we can’t complain because she had the kind gestures of wishing all her followers a Happy Easter. Also, she made everyone say “Awe” when saw the cute bunny. Thanks, Brit!

Celebrities Instagram Easter

5. Chrissy Teigen

Lately, we see Chrissy everywhere on Instagram, and we’re not complaining. This time, she decided to join the Kardashian’s Easter party with her husband, the also famous John Legend, and her cute little daughter. She decided to step aside for a moment and take a beautiful picture of her family and the big bunny in the middle. They expressed how happy they were and what a funny time they spent. Bunnies for life!

Celebrities Instagram Easter

6. Victoria Beckham

Once, she conquered the world as one of the Spice Girls, and now she’s a respected figure in the fashion world. Posh, is an enigmatic personality on Instagram, always with cool posts and shocking images. This time wasn’t the exception, and of course, she wasn’t able to post just a regular pic. Instead, she decided to wear a tight costume and a big bunny mask in a very provocative pose. Who knows what happened in her mind but we loved her post, and we’re sure her fans loved it too.

Celebrities Instagram Easter

7. Gisele Bündchen

For years, we saw Gisele running the best fashion runways in the world and being the breath taker for all men on earth while she was a Victoria’s Secret’s Angel. Later, we saw her in her new wife role and now, thanks to Instagram, we see her now as a devoted mother. She decided to post an adorable picture of her little daughter wearing bunny ears and running around the beach having fun with her eggs. She also took the chance to wish all her followers a Happy Easter in her bilingual caption, commonly written in Portuguese and English.

Celebrities Instagram Easter

Who was your favorite celebrity on Easter? Share all the best posts you saw and let us know what you think about how’s the best way of showing this Holiday celebration on Instagram!


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