Celebrities About Trump's Triumph

Hollywood was claiming Clinton for the First Female President place, but results turned different. Past Tuesday, the businessman and TV reality star, Donald Trump, won the US presidential election and made the world shock down. It was obviously a victory for the Republican nominee, but also a big surprise and disappointment for Clinton’s supporters, which include ones of the most famous people in the world, including current President Obama.

Many celebrities kept in silence after the results, but others made clear statements on Instagram, and here we got some of them.

1. Alicia Keys

The singer did what she knows best: sing. Through a lovely song, Keys spread the love over her followers with her sweet voice and a one caption calling for love and support between each other.

2. Ariana Grande

Early, she did post a tweet saying she was in tears. A few hours later, the singer posted this image with a pro-Clinton map of the US elections, showing the vote of what she called “Our Generation” referring to young people, where Clinton was an eminent winner.

Ariana Grande About Trump
(via @arianagrande)

3. Miley Cyrus

On Facebook, Miley posted a deeply emotional video sharing her reaction and reflection about Trump’s triumph. Later, she reminded to her fans that they could watch the video if they missed it, and sent a message of love and energy, saying that “We don’t need Trump” to make a real change and claiming that global warming is real.

Miley Cyrus About Trump
(via @mileycyrus)

4. Rowan Blanchard

Age has no limits when you’re an activist. This girl is only 15 years old, but she made her statement very profound and clear. This young lady posted a Joan of Arc painting with a strong message assuring that “Patriarchal, racist structures must one day topple down” and also calling for a revolutionary movement.

Rowan Blanchard About Trump
(via @rowanblanchard)

5. Chloe Grace Moretz

The young actress was an open Clinton supporter during the campaign. One day after the results, she posted a large text graphic expressing the need of staying together and fight for our rights. At the end of the quote, she cited a young trans woman supporting inclusion and diversity in the US.

Chloe Grace Moretz About Trump
(via @chloegmoretz)

6. Rihanna

Bad gal RiRi isn’t shy, and of course, her statement was very reckless. The singer and designer posted a dared cartoon image of Trump and a very scared Statue of Liberty in bed. The image caught her fan’s attention with more than 1M likes.

Rihanna About Trump
(via @badgalriri)

7. Naomi Campbell

Same post than Zendaya’s. The supermodel shared a full black image in honor to her feelings. She was an active supporter of Clinton, and we’re sure she expected a different result than the actual one. She decided not to place a caption, letting the black color speak for itself.

Naomi Campbell About Trump
(via @iamnaomicampbell)

Which is the most surprising reaction you saw on Instagram? Tell us about it in a comment below.


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