Children in social media

Is It Good To Let Your Children Use Social Media?

A little over 10 years ago, social media arrived to change our lives. Initially, we could communicate with friends and family without even having to leave our house. Now, we can do business, meet new people and much more.

In a few words, social media plays an important role in our lives. Therefore, using it is good for us. However, since time has passed and generations have changed, it’s also important to wonder if social media is good for children.

The topic is of course debatable. Some people believe children should grow in an environment where there is no such thing as social media. Others, however, believe it is important for children to learn how to use social media at an early age.

We would like to keep a neutral opinion. So in this article, we will give you the pros and cons that social media has for kids. It will be up to you to decide what you think is best for them, and whether they can use it or not.

Children use social media


Using social media of course, has a lot of positive aspects. Perhaps, one of the most surprising parts is that children are the ones who take advantage of it the most. These are a few of the aspects that made social media a great tool for kids.

Children in Social Media

Social Environment

Social media allows both adults and children to communicate with friends and family. Of course, it would be ideal for children to work on that communication by playing in the park with other kids or simply being out with friends.

However, there are cases when social media has the same or even a better impact when it comes to communication. Some children don’t really like to go out because they feel safer from inside their home. So from this point of view, we can say social media allows kids to keep communicating without having to leave their comfort zone.

are social networks good for children?

Learning Platform

Social media platforms provide children with a wide variety of tools for them to learn a lot of new things. In fact, by chatting with a friend, they might improve their grammar skills and get better communication skills.

In addition, social media platforms are consistently filled with posts about news, lifestyle, facts and more. So in a way, children get to increase their knowledge by doing something we all already do.

benefits of social media


One of the most important aspects in the formation of a child is the development of their creativity. Social media platforms don’t only offer users news but also videos, music, gifs and more.

All of these things combined help children to develop their creativity as they grow. In fact, some children get inspired by the things they see on social platforms that they end up creating stuff at an early age.

social media creativity


As always, nothing is perfect. Social media is good in a lot of ways, but unfortunately, there are also risks when it comes to using it. These are a few of the aspects that make social media dangerous for kids.

is social media dangerous

Inappropriate Content

Social platforms are consistently driving traffic from millions of users all over the world. Of course, this should not be a problem due to the number of moderators that every social media company has.

However, it is not always possible to detect inappropriate content on time. So children who use social media suffer the risk to encounter adult related content, explicit violence videos and much more.

social media inappropriate content


As if it was not enough having to deal with bullying in school – social media platforms also represent a place from where a kid can be molested. Unfortunately, cyberbullying has now become a thing, and there are millions of children from all over the world who have to deal with being bullied online.

Now, some people don’t think cyberbullying is a big deal. The truth, however, is that this issue has driven kids from all parts of the world to even commit suicide. We don’t mean to sound rude, but nowadays there are many cruel kids.

In fact, it is not very common to see how 13 to 17 year old kids comment on social media, encouraging a person to end with their life.

Risk of using social media

Unknown People

Finally, one of the most dangerous aspects of letting a child use social media platforms with no supervision is the risk of them being contacted by an unknown person.

Unfortunately, there are tens of thousands, if not millions of perverts online. They use social platforms to talk to underage kids and to convince them to do things too horrible to be mentioned here.

In addition, children are very susceptible and they can release information such as the address of their homes, phone number and more to people they don’t know.

social media is dangerous for underage kids

Final Thoughts

As adults, we understand social media has both positive and negative aspects. We understand how to use it and what kind of things we should avoid doing.

Children, however, don’t always see that. They see social media as a tool from where they can talk, play and even learn. In some cases, their innocence is exactly what some people are looking for.

But, because we are adults it’s our job to explain to them the right way to use social media, and to also guide them on what kind of things they should not do.


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