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In a world where apps dominate the world, we need to be one step forward. Hence, if we don’t count with proper devices for apps, we need to find a solution. Even though when we have the devices, it’s always good to have several options. Especially, if we need to do something that an app can’t do. Also, it helps to save space on our computers. Therefore, Google God created Chrome Extensions.

For those who are not familiar with this. Extensions are web apps, exclusively for Google Chrome Explorer, which means that you can take them anywhere. You no longer need to carry programs in your Pendrive. You no longer have to complicate your life when traveling. Although large programs are still necessary, it’s a helpful tool. The extensions are not exclusively for Social Media purposes. They work for almost anything you can do on a computer.

In any case, we want to present you useful extensions for your Social Media strategies. They’re never enough, and we have to catch up what’s new in this world. Therefore, you’ll see some familiar names, but you’ll also see new ones. Prepare yourself for making your life easier.

1. Buffer

When it comes to multitaskers, it’s difficult to find out one simple but useful tool. Therefore, it’s almost impossible to think that a Chrome Extension can handle our multiple needs. Although, we have fantastic news. Buffer is not just a Chrome Extension but a top assistant for sharing content. Say goodbye to those days of forgetting that image you wanted to share on Facebook. Thus, by using Buffer, you can save and share content to almost any Social Media platform.

2. ViralTag

Firs of all, we love the name. Just by reading the name of the app, it’s almost a premonition of how cool it could be. ViralTag is an app that helps you to share visual content on complicated platforms. Thence, you no longer have to wait for an Instagram or Pinterest savior. It is also a great tool for small business that can’t afford premium tools with these functions. Besides, it lets you organize the content according to categories.

Chrome Extensions Social Media

3. Calendar

You’ll soon start to listen and read more about the use of calendars. Now, it may seem like something simple, but it won’t be in the next few months. Believe us when we say the companies are preparing to use Google calendar as a┬áprimary tool. Social Media is about life events, webinars, and any encounter. So, the only way of keeping a control a reminder without spamming it’s a calendar. Also, it won’t let you miss any meeting with the team.

4. LastPass

Here it’s for the wonder minds that can’t remember passwords. Or maybe, you can, but you have so many in your head that it’s confusing. Do you want an automatic password reminder? Say no more. LastPass is the angel from the sky you were waiting for. It will remind you of not only your password but your username too. We can’t wait until you try this amazing thing!

5. Discoverly

If you’re one of those who always wants to know more about a person, then, pay attention. Either for personal or marketing research, this will help you. Discovery purpose is to aid you to find out more about a person. It’s not about personal information. Therefore, next time you click on someone profile, you’ll see extra Social Media information. Likewise, when you’re reading an email, it will show you the info too.

Chrome Extensions Social Media

6. Stencil

Similarly to Canva, it’s a visual content tool. For beginners, the visual composition is something hard. But, now you can chill out and try this app. It has plenty of fonts, images, and tools. Besides, you can search on the quote list. Thus, you can create compelling images with great phrases. So, say goodbye to a visual headache. This easy-to-use tool is ready for you and your newbie experience.

Chrome Extensions Social Media

7. Figure It Out

Are you in Egypt and need to know when to post on France? Perhaps you’re in America, and there’s a client account from Australia. Time zone is no longer a problem because you can Figure It Out. Working across the world or sharing content is something you can do. Even if your team is around the world, it won’t be a problem either. Now, you can see everybody’s time zone. Just by using this excellent extension. A full screen with all the time zones you need.

Chrome Extensions Social Media

8. Later Media

“Watch later” is your motto? Then, don’t worry, nobody’s going to judge you. Instead, we’re here to help that motto don’t kill your brain. Furthermore, it will help you with the most important platform. Yes, you guessed, it will assist you to schedule on Instagram. It saves things and brings them back later. So, you won’t miss that image you want to post in two months.

Don’t lose track on the new extensions we’ll show you in time. Share your thoughts with us and let us know which ones do you prefer.



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