Co-Branding On Social Media

Competition is overrated, and you should’ve accepted it by now. We’re in the era of collaboration! Followers can appreciate that two or more brands can come together for a good cause. Whether you’re rooting for a better world, or you just want to reward your users with cool gifts – it’s a good thing.

What’s important here is that your customers are expecting a good co-branding – and here’s how you can achieve it.

1. Co-branding partner options

You might be tempted by the idea of being a partner with multiple follower accounts, but stop and think this through. These “excellent” reports are probably far away from what fits best for yours. You need to find reliable accounts with products or services complementary to yours. The accounts sharing the same ZIP code as you should be top of the list, as much as those with the same proposal value.

Co-Branding on Social Media

2. Pick your partner in crime

Once you’ve selected a few options, it’s time for you to take the first step and set up a friendly conversation, because this is going to help you find the perfect one. Then, you can get relevant information from the chosen ones to create a benefit proposal, discuss it with them, and get conclusions. Pick the brand you feel is most approachable, trustworthy and with a clear point of view.

Co-Branding on Social Media

3. Start the networking process

If you suddenly start posting collaborations with no notice, your users will find this a little bit weird and annoying. Think it through first, and start by giving some likes, re-posts, retweets, and so on. It comes across as more natural. It’s like when you first meet someone. You hang out with that person first, before you share your friendship with the world. Take your time and share experiences first.

4. Pick the perfect plan

By this point, you and your partner must know each other entirely, and what you love and hate. So, put yourselves on a table and bring the brainstorming with you. Discuss common ideas and don’t dismiss any of them until you come up with the perfect plan. Try to make it unique, fun, and organic.

5. Commit yourself to the process

It takes time and a little bit of extra work, but the results will be satisfactory. Trust is earned in time, and commitment is a day-to-day thing, so don’t give up. Always remember that this is two companies working for mutual benefit. If you forget this, then it’s a wasted opportunity. Try to understand , and be understood at the same time.

Co-Branding on Social Media

Would you like to try a co-branding strategy? What are your initial thoughts? Share them with us.


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