Common mistakes are easy to make, but it’s also easy to let them go. If you’re a newbie, there’s nothing you should be worried. In case you’re a pro and find out that you make some of them, you should be careful. Anyway, don’t panic, just read and let the advice get to your brain. Besides, you already know that we learn something new every day, right? However, we need to unlearn sometimes, and this is that case.

1. Committing to unrealistic goals

A common and unfortunate mistake newbies do, is to propose something that can’t come true. Although, it’s something necessary to enrich in experience and don’t make the same errors in the future. Furthermore, it’s something that no one tells you because sometimes, people don’t even know it’s a mistake. Nevertheless, we’re here to put you in another perspective. So, let’s point three things you can’t promise at once.

  1. Get a thousand followers per day: Let’s face it, even the biggest brands struggle with this subject every day, and they have budget and technology to “make it possible,” and yet, they don’t. To get new followers is nothing but hard work, patience and time. Even though you can’t promise something impossible, you shouldn´t give up and pursue a realistic number of followers per month.
  2. Think engagement is magic: Today, we’re lucky of having more engagement information available. Although, many of us still don’t understand it’s not something that comes within. Instead, it’s something you build with sacrifice and commitment. First of all, in order to create engagement, you need to focus on your company culture, and hence all the benefits you’re ready to give.
  3. Propose big budget content: Yes, we know you’re excited, and your imagination is too powerful. But, please stop for a second and think again. Are your ideas adjusted to the real budget, time and handy-work? We also know you want to create powerful content, but instead, you probably are going far from the actual horizon. Anyway, don’t stop dreaming, although, stay realistic.

Common Mistakes

2. Do more than you should

Social Media is a space where we can forgive common mistakes. Meaning, not much is for certain, and platforms are in constant evolution. Thence, what’s right today, might be wrong tomorrow. But, something we know is that nobody wants saturation. So, next time you try to convince a client just by offering tons of things, we recommend you to step back. Firstly, you’re delivering something wrong, and that client might ask for the same to somebody else.

Clients can’t expect glory thanks to bombs of content. It’s like forcing someone for voting, at the end nobody is going to do it by true will. Instead, you should make a reasonable plan, for both you and your client. Considering time and effort so that you won’t run out of ideas, and they won’t expect more than they should either.

3. Metrics?

What’s that? Wrong! Even though we told you not to obsess about metrics, you should pay attention. Remember, metrics are like footsteps in the sand, waves are going to wash them, but they marked the road first. Metrics will get advanced according to the progress you make. Thus, you need to keep in mind that at first, you just need to focus on those giving you real results. But, what’s for certain, it’s that you need to keep the record on your moves. That data is going to lead your decisions for your wrongs and blessings. Ultimately, you can’t underestimate the power in those numbers.

common mistakes

4. Post like a robot

Like we said before, we don’t need you to post a thousand things in one day. First, because the reach will be poor, and secondly because your audience won’t appreciate it. Unless you’re a news station, we don’t want you to post every 5 seconds because who does that? A robot! And you’re not a robot. Essentially, you’re a human talking to another human. Therefore, your answers and attention should be human too.

Yes, we can find more useful tools now to make our work easier. But, be careful! The technology works only for doing our job faster and better, not for you to abuse it. Don’t underestimate your audience’s intelligence because they know about technology too.

5. Go with the wrong message

By defining the company culture, you’re also defining your message, voice, and purpose. If you miss it for once, then it’ll go against you. For example, if you’re a fitness brand and someday you decide to make a contest next to a junk food restaurant with many followers, what’s the sense in that? Obviously, you’re doing so because you just want followers. But, guess what? No one who’s interested in junk food is necessarily interested in fitness. Indeed, your users are not interested in junk food either.

Don’t waste your breath and effort in something so hateful as going against your company values. You’re who you’re because of users that support your point of view and commitment. At the end, who are you if you betray your principles just for common mistakes?

common mistakes

We set you free from falling. Now it’s your turn to make things right and let go your wrongs. They’re in the past, and you have today to make them go away. Let tomorrow be a new perfect day to start over and pay attention to these details.


  1. Woah! I’m enjoying the template/theme of this website. It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s very hard to get that “ perfect balance” between superb usability and visual appeal. I must say you’ve done a very good job with this

  2. Awseome! What a sensible post? Perfect Advice that one should not so in the social media. what is your thought about negative publicity. I could be more effective if you mentioned few words about it also.


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