Community Manager nightmares

Being in Social Media seems like the coolest job today. Nevertheless, we all have some Community Manager nightmares that make our jobs not so pleasant. Besides, this is job is everything but simple. It requires a lot of attention and multitasking skills. Also, it needs to be done by someone with the right education so that there’s no chance to make awful mistakes. Therefore, take a look at what’s worrying a community manager’s life at work.

1.Poor internet connection
Either is it bad internet connection or no WiFi signal, is definitely the scariest words we could hear and read when working as community managers. Furthermore, just imagine that scenario makes us feel cold. However, we know we count on our mobile internet. But, let’s face it, you need it to be done quickly. And, there’s anything faster than WiFi (until we all get LiFi)

Nevertheless, to avoid this nightmare. Try to keep an eye on the internet to see how it’s working a few minute before your posting time. Therefore, you can act fast and solve the technical problem or move to another place.

Among the evilĀ things living in this internet world, trolls are the worst and a nightmare for every community manager alive. Also, we’ve all faced a troll attack at least once in our life. Although, if you haven’t, don’t worry because you’re not missing anything funny. However, these haters feed themselves from disgusting, provocative and annoying messages on our platforms. Basically, their job is just to bother us and end with our patience.

Thus, we need to learn how to handle them and make it an opportunity for us. How? Well, look at the way Netflix responds to their trolls. Yes, they join the conversation and leave them without scape. Anyway, we need to set up rules for when the time comes and we need to take some action against these creatures.

Community Manager Nightmares

3.Posting on a different account by mistake
You might be laughing now, but surely, you sweat a lot when that happened. As you may know, each community manager has to handle more than one account. Besides, we have to deal with the hurry because we barely have time to manage all those accounts at one. Sometimes, those accounts don’t relate at all. And, between changing from one account to another we can post on the wrong one.

Don’t panic! The problem is not to post in a different account because we can always erase it. Instead, the problem is that we don’t notice the wrong post and we receive a call from the boss, or worse, the client. So, try to keep more attention on what you’re doing and always check twice to avoid this nightmare.

4.Forgetting special days
If you’re a community manager, then you know a lot about calendars. We’ll have several calendars for many purposes. Therefore, one of them is meant for special days we can use on our Social Media strategy. And yes, we come to master these days almost memorizing them all. But, we start to forget other days instead. So, our nightmare comes when we forget our mother’s birthday, but we remember the cactus day.

To avoid this nightmare, keep your Google Calendar updated with all your special dates. Also, set up an alarm to remind you even if it’s in the middle of the night. But, please don’t forget about your special moments. And most importantly, don’t post in your client’s account “Happy birthday, mom” instead of doing it in yours.

5.Someone else took the news first
Firstly, we spent a lot of time looking at the news, trending topics, hashtags, and everything related to trends. Secondly, we started to plan and create that piece that will hit the Social Media. Suddenly, when you check again, someone else did the job and you missed your chance to bring the news. Sadly, it could be your fault as much as it can’t. Anyways, it’s one of the biggest nightmares ever.

What we can learn from this lesson, it’s the fact that we can’t bake the cookies for too long because they might get burned. If you want to keep trends on your side, then, you need to learn how to manage time so it’s won’t become in old news.

Community Manager Nightmares

6.Impossible clients
We all try to make our best and earn our clients trust. Also, we try to give them more than they ask so they appreciate our effort and work. But, sometimes, they can get really annoying and make crazy requests. Mostly, it’s about impossible goals that they just figure out without consulting. For instance, when they want 10000 organic followers per day. Yes, we know, there are all kinds of requests we can start to name.

And yet, we can’t tell you exactly what to do because every client is different. But, what we can tell you, is to try to talk to them and guide them through the good path. Also, don’t lose the control of your reactions and remember they can watch everything on the internet.

7.Low battery
Raise your hand if you almost had a panic attack caused by a low battery issue! Yes, we think that everyone here knows exactly what we’re talking about. Whether is it in our very same home or covering an event outdoors, we’ve all been victims of the 1% battery sign. So, we know what is to sweat and pray for a full battery, so that we don’t miss the posting time, or what’s even worse, to lose the video we didn’t save.

Nevertheless, we’ve got the perfect solution. Well, the perfect would be an endless power battery. But, until we get there, you can buy backup chargers. They’re wireless and you can carry them on your coverages and even use them at home from a bed. So, there’s no excuse to avoid this horrible moment.

8. Forgetting the Instagram password
From the same creators of “I posted in the wrong account” we’ve got the also annoying moment “I forgot the password”. Sadly, since Instagram lets us open several accounts at the same time, we don’t exercise or memory and type the passwords so often. Thus, when something happens and we need to open the account again, suddenly, we don’t remember the most important detail. Strangely, when it happens, we don’t remember where it is.

So, if we want to avoid this awkward moment, then we just need to keep save these passwords in a management tool where all the team has access.

Community Manager Nightmares


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