Compelling Instagram Stories

Instagram offers a number of tools you can use to create compelling Instagram Stories. Whether it be creating the using the very same app or using other apps.

Differently, from regular posts, which are square, Stories are vertical. Therefore, you should know the size of the format, which is 1080 x 1920 px. Also, it’s essential for you to know this only last 24 hours. Unless you decide to add to it to Stories’ collection on the profile.

Once said, you can start to have lots of fun when thinking of compelling content. For instance, you can use titles and other elaborated graphics on third for a good opening. Later, you can use the feature’s tools such as brushes, text, stickers, and gifs.

Another good idea is to previously put different videos together using a third app like “Quick”. But, you should be awarded, Instagram only allows you 15 seconds per video.

compelling Instagram Stories

Is repost allowed?

Of course! Actually, now it’s easier than ever and you have a lot of tools to do so. A perfect example is Story Assistant because it helps you to download videos and pictures. Similarly, you can download Snapchat’s content (because we know there are cool filters) and repost it on Instagram Stories.

Furthermore, if your followers tag you on Stories, you must use it! Perhaps, they’re creating new ideas, using your product or just calling your attention. So, it’s nice for you to use that content and recognize their effort by featuring on Stories. Surely, this will be an amazing surprise for them.


compelling Instagram Stories

Use the right tags according to the purpose

Normally, with every post on Instagram, you can increase exposure by using the right tags or hashtags. But, when it comes to Instagram Stories, it’s possible that tags push users away. And, send them to other accounts.

Thus, it’s better to use tags or hashtags on Stories if they’re original. For instance, if you go set a contest or you want people to send pictures using the hashtag. This way, the hashtag will drive the audience to a collection related to your brand.

On the other hand, geotags will help users to know your Stories in a specific location. Therefore, adding a geotag on your Stories regularly, and when it’s relevant, can help you. Meaning, other people who’re also watching the location’s content, might discover yours.

Additionally, mentions are a great move too. Thanking your audience by uploading a picture or video can be a hit. Also, you can mention an allied brand or people who collaborate with you. Ultimately, everybody loves mentions because it always means new followers possibility.

compelling Instagram Stories

Drive traffic to your website

Comparing to most Social Media platforms, Instagram offers fewer options for traffic driving to your website. Generally, your bio is the only place where you can add links, and people are not very interested in this info.

Luckily, you can apply two major principles of conversion to achieve your goal. How come? Well, related to the words “affordance” and “call to action”. First of all, affordance proposes a sensorial sign, guiding the user’s attention to specific actions.

On the contrary, call to action is a direct instruction to your user, so they perform an action. Thence, without an explicit call to action, people will keep scrolling on their feed and miss your posts.

Nevertheless, if you have a verified account or one with thousands of followers, then, the job will be easier. Why? Well, you’ll have the option to add a link to your Instagram Stories. So, it will be easier to drive users directly!

compelling Instagram Stories

Don’t stop exploring!

No matter how many channels of functions show up. Remember, it’s necessary to try to play with every new tool so that you can master every detail. Instagram Stories are relatively new and in constant evolutions. However, it allows you to explore creativity and authenticity.

compelling Instagram Stories

Cool apps

– Hype Type: Since the algorithm is a headache for all of us, we need to use Instagram Stories to promote feed. Therefore, Hype Type is a great way to make this kind of posts differently because it has cool options. So, you can add animated text and make it more striking.

compelling Instagram Stories

– Over: Sadly, it’s only for iOS. But, let’s talk about the coolness of this app. Have you ever been in a situation where you ran out of pictures to post a particular content? Well, this app is the perfect solutions. It offers a great stock pictures library you can buy and only add the text.

compelling Instagram Stories

– Adobe Spark Video: Once again, Adobe saves the day. Now, you can use an Adobe product to create content from your mobile. Thus, this is a platform to create videos and slides easily, so no matter if you’re not an editor. Consequently, you’ll create outstanding videos for Stories in only a few minutes.

compelling Instagram Stories

– Quik: It’s a mix of Adobe Spark and Hype Type, created by GoPro. Quik is an easy app to create funny videos. Furthermore, what’s better is that you can experiment with different transitions and animated text.

compelling Instagram Stories

Last, but not least. Remember, creating interesting designs for Instagram Stories is perfect to promote your profile and call the attention of your followers. Nevertheless, it’s necessary to make the difference when it comes to creativity. So, you have to take the best of the apps and tools. Many can use them, but, it’s up to you how to make it different.


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