Instagram has smashed through 400 million active users mark, it doesn’t seem like slowing down anytime soon or suffering too badly from competitor networks. In fact, Instagram is predicted to outgrow other social networks in the next 2 years. If you are not on Instagram at the moment, then you are still far behind. Whether for business or pleasure, Instagram has everything you need to succeed. It can drive sales and provide a sophisticated platform for socialization.

Today, we bring you some amazing tricks you can use on Instagram, it does not matter whether you are an Instagram newbie or an old-timer on the network, these awesome tricks will give you some fresh ideas to make the most of Instagram.

1. Save Original Instagram Photos
We know you’ve put a lot of effort into creating a high quality photos, but when you upload it to the social networks such as Instagram and Facebook, they will compress it before saving to minimize data usage. This usually leads to loss of quality of your images. However, there is a trick to bypass this.

Instagram provides you option to avoid losing the quality of your images, unfortunately, many people did not know about it. To use this option, simply go to instagram and click to open your profile, then click on 3 dots that stand for “options” on the top right corner. From the dropdown, you will see a lot of options, click on the one that says “Save original photos” and you are done. You will be able to save the original high quality photos on your device.
2. See Photos Liked and Commented on by your Friends
Ok, we know you know how to see your posts that others like but do you know how to see photos that those you follow liked or commented on recently? My guess is no. You can view “the recent activity of people you are following” by clicking on the “heart icon” at the bottom of the home screen which shows those that liked your photos. From there, select the tab close to the top that says “Following” and you will be able to monitor all the activities of your “followers”.

3. Clear Search History
There are some times when you wish you can keep your search out of the prying eyes. Well, goodluck, you can do just that. You can easily clear your search history by going to your own profile and then click on the “options” tab. From the dropdown, scroll down and click on “clear search history”. Instagram will ask you “Are You Sure” click yes and you are done. Easy, right?

4. Keeping Your Instagram Account Private
Still on the issue of “privacy”; not everyone wants to be seen by everybody. You can totally keep your Instagram profile private and choose who you want to follow you or see your activities. By default, your account is public the first time you created it. To avoid random people following you, you will need to make your account private; the only way to do this is go to your profile page, click on the menu options and then turn on the option that says “Private Account”.

5. Add Hashtags After Posting Photos
Did you forget to add hashtags to your photos? don’t worry, it happens to everybody. Instagram unlike Facebook does not allow users to edit posts. However, the coolest thing is that you can still add hashtags after posting photos through another way. Now, instead of adding the hashtags to the posts, you will add it in a comment below your post, it will still has the same effect.

6. Use The Photo Editor On Instagram Without Posting Photos
This is one of coolest tricks you will learn today. Instagram has amazing filters and editing capabilities. You can use it to edit your photos without necessarily posting anything on Instagram. To use this option, you will need to put your device on “airplane mode”. Then go to your Instagram settings and turn on “Save Original Photo”. Once you’ve done that, follow the usual steps of posting photo to Instagram; upload your photo, edit it to your taste and then click on “share” button. You will get an error message but don’t worry, the photo will be saved on your phone’s photo gallery.

7. Geo-tags your Photos
Instead of constantly trying to remember the place from where you post a photo on Instagram. You can simply geo-tag it and it will tell your friends where you took the picture. Geo-tagging is a way to tag a picture with the name of the place you post it.

To use this option, simply select the option that says “Add to Photo Map” anytime you want to share a photo. Doing this will let you and your friends to see the place from where your photo was clicked.

8. Remove Photos You’ve Been Tagged In
Do you find yourself tagged in a silly photo. Instagram gives those you are following an option to tag you in any photo and any photo you are tagged in is automatically added to your profile under “Photos of You”. You can see the post you’ve been tagged in by going to your profile and then click the person icon on the far right below your bio.

If you want to hide the posts you’ve been tagged in. You will need to go to your profile and then click on the 3 dots in the top right of your screen and select “Edit Tags”. You will need to choose the post(s) you want to remove from your profile. After selecting the defaulting posts, click on “Hide from Profile” at the bottom of your screen. Click “Hide From Profile” again when Instagram prompted you for confirmation to complete the process.
9. Create A Collage with your Instagram Photos
The guys that created Instagram have come up with another app known as “Layout” that allows you to combine multiple Instagram photos into a single photo (i.e make a collage).

To use this app, download it on your device and make as many collage as you want. Select the images you want, and decide the best layout for them. After creating them, you can share the photo anywhere you want. This app is not Instagram-specific, you can as well use it on Facebook and other social networks.

10.Send Photos To Your Friends Privately on Instagram
You can always keep away from the prying eyes the photos you want only your friends to see. You can use Instagram as a messaging service for photos and videos.

To send photos and videos to your friends privately from Instagram, you will need to use Instagram Direct. To use this option, simply go to the home option on your main screen and then tap on a drawer like image on the top right corner, clicking on it will open Instagram direct. Now you can send as many images as you want and only your selected friend will see it.



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