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Instagram only allows users to keep their stories open to the public for 24 hours. Indeed, after that time, they will disappear. But, what happens if you want to keep a particular story for your followers to check later? 

Well, there’s an option for that. And it’s called Stories highlights. So, what is a Story highlight exactly? Well, to put it briefly, a Story highlight is basically a sort of archive where you can store certain Stories that your followers can access at any time. And today we are going to teach you how to create a highlight from scratch.

Create a story highlight

Creating A Story Highlight

In order to create a Story highlight, you will need to follow these steps. First of all, open Instagram on your phone and go to settings. Then, tap where it says “Privacy and Security” and scroll down until you find the Story control option.

Select it and activate the “Save to Archive” box. This will allow you to archive your stories for you to see at any time. Still, the idea is to get your followers to be able to see your Stories at any time. 

So, we still need to follow a few simple steps. Now, go back to your profile, and tap where it says Story highlights (It’s under your bio). Finally, all you need to do is select “New,” assign it a name and start saving your Stories.

You can create as many highlights as you want and keep them on your profile for your followers to enjoy.

How to create a highlight on Instagram


It’s important to keep in mind that this feature can be used in pretty much any case. For example, if you are an influencer, it helps you to separate moments that your followers might want to check out. Let’s say, travel, food, exercise etc. 

On the other hand, if you run a business on Instagram, Stories highlights are also excellent. In fact, think of this feature as a powerful tool that can help you catch the attention of new visitors the minute they check out your Instagram profile. 

For instance, if someone new finds your profile, you can immediately hook them by separating your highlights into things they might like. Just be creative and you will get results in no time.


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