dancing hot dog

Those dog face days are gone! Thank God (or not) a new AR filter is leading the path now. You’ve probably seen it on Snapchat, but it’s now taking over Instagram. The Dj Hot Dog or Dancing Hot Dog is ready to make you dance. In a matter of days, it became a success and hence, a meme too. Instagram users couldn’t resist the temptation and started posting the hot dog too. So, we selected the funniest and most creative Dancing Hot Dog’s posts to make you laugh out loud!

1. Three is better than one

If you need something more convincing, then you should see this video below. Probably, three Dancing Hot Dogs can convince you to join the fever. Otherwise, you should keep scrolling because we assure you, it’s going to satisfy you at the end. Try not to take it so seriously, remember this is just some spontaneous trend, and it will go away (we hope so).

2. You know what people say

If you are between two beautiful girls, then you should make a wish. This Dancing Hot Dog is one of a kind. It manages to be part of what you don’t dare. As seen on this video, it got between two girls to dance and have fun. Therefore, if you don’t have the courage to do so, then start using this guy to help you socialize better.

3. There’s always somebody who takes it to another level

OMG! Yes, it was our first reaction too! We couldnĀ“t believe when we saw a Salt Bae tattoo. Hence, we couldn’t believe that somebody made this Dancing Hot Dog tattoo either. It’s almost unbelievable that someone thinks to ink this character forever on their skin. Come on! We love trends, but there’s no need to be that clever to know this is too much!

Dancing Hot Dog

4. Quality lessons

No shame on not understanding visuals formats and quality. Don’t worry! Dancing Hot Dog is here to explain you not with apples but hot dogs. You see, there’s a good thing about spontaneous trends, they can teach your one or two useful things. Furthermore, you don’t need to be erudite. Instead, you can learn heavy stuff from simple memes. Likewise this one below, it explains the difference between a lower resolution real life hot dog and a full resolution Dancing Hot Dog.

Dancing Hot Dog

5. Storytelling never gets old

Why are we humans like this? We have no limits when it comes to creativity. In fact, we could create an infinite world just from a spontaneous trend like this. It’s fascinating to see how we can create a complete story, even with new characters. Are you willing to create a Dancing Hot Dog story too?

Dancing Hot Dog

6. Art is art

By now, you should know how much we insist on references. Social Media is nothing without a huge baggage of collective knowledge. We have to know what people think about every discipline in life. Knowing about people thoughts on contemporary art, are more than obvious. Many people believe that it’s nonsense or based on cutting elements. Thus, there are no surprises on the irony of this post!

Dancing Hot Dog

Well, well, well. Now you know a bit more about this crazy new trend. Try to make the funniest post and share it with us!


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