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As any other specialist, you need the perfect tools to succeed. We will never get tired of showing what’s the most useful and straightforward way to do your work. Therefore, we selected a group of design tools. When it comes to visual content, everybody (who’s not a designer) freaks out, and it’s normal. As you know, not everyone has the gift of visual language or taste. Besides, you need to know what works for Social Media specifically.

We don’t want you to worry anymore. If you want to use the following tools, you don’t need to be a designer wizard. Instead, all of them are going to help you through all the process. So, there will be no more obstacles between you and excellent visual content. Besides, it will take you just a few minutes to create a good piece. Therefore, you will be saving time and training your eye for visual content. So, take a sit and start reading about the tools for your salvation.

1. Studio
For both Android and iOS, Studio is a fantastic free tool. It has plenty of options for creating an impressive piece of content. Thus, you’ll find from cool fonts, perfect frames to photography settings. Besides, it has cool quotes ready for you to use. So, it’s time for you to save time and create good content in just a few minutes.

2. Canva
Canva is a web tool, but it’s also available for iOS users. If you are an Android soldier, don’t worry because the internet option is great. Now, you can create visual content without worrying about the right size. Canva is going to tell you the right size and format you need, depending on the platform. Furthermore, it also shows you other forms for products like book covers.

3. Pablo
It’s a Buffer’s popular extension. Nevertheless, Pablo won’t help you manage. Instead, it will help you to create short texts for Social Media. So, in a certain way, it does help you to take advantage of the content you manage and turn it into tips, quotes and so on. Finally, you create the content in two steps, so that won’t take much time.

Design Tools Pablo

4. Word Swag
Sorry for the Android people again. But, Word Swag is for iOS only and is a paid option too. Even though there’s a lot of free options, this one worth it. Normally, the free versions of the quote creation apps have few font options. Thence, sometimes you feel you don’t have options enough. Nevertheless, Word Swag offers a lot of font and composition options.

5. Over
There’s a lot of choices for text adding, but just a few let you prepare the background. So, when you take a good pic, perfect for a quote background, you can’t edit it. Well, say bye-bye to those days, and welcome the awesomeness of Over. Over will let you retouch your pics before adding text. We all know how important it’s to retouch pics to send the right message to our audience. Taking care of small details is never enough.

6. PictoChart
When it comes to visual content, one of the most difficult pieces to make is infographics. Notwithstanding, it won’t be a nightmare anymore. It’s time for you to know a tool that will help you. So, say goodbye to those terrifying days, and say hello to the infographic world. PictoChart is a web app with 100 options to create infographics and other designs.

The only thing you have to do is to pick a template, and in a few minutes, you’ll see an impressive result. It will be easy to adjust your Visual Branding with its multiple edition options and intuitive platform. It’s time to try this!

Design Tools PictoChart

7. Skitch
If you’re able to do a new thing, in a few days, it seems not enough. When they gave us the power to take screenshots, we wanted more. Thus, we introduce you a tool that you didn’t even know you wanted. Skitch is, as its name suggests, a tool to add text to your screenshot. Furthermore, you can add another graphics, so that you won’t forget why you wanted that shot. Amazing, right? Especially, if you’re studying an online case of study, this will work correctly and free.

8. Snappa
Snappa is the graphic designer friend that you need all the time. Besides, this tool can post your creations directly to Buffer. It’s not an app for photographs, but it works perfectly for graphics. If you’re a beginner or have a common experience with visual content, then, this is the accurate tool.

At first, you’ll see plenty of options for Social Media, blogs and even for ads. Secondly, you can choose a template or create one by yourself when you feel ready. Afterward, the tool will lead your way through five different elements that compose a visual. Finally, you can make limited downloads from the free version, and pay for more features.

9. Recite
If minimalism is your thing, then, welcome to the right side. We know that you like tools as simple and efficient as your work. Thus, we want to show you Recite. It’s an app with only two steps. First, you paste the quote you picked before. Secondly, you will choose the best look, and that’s it! Awesome, right? Stop asking yourself where those amazing quote pics come from. Now, you’ve got the secret. Plus, it’s a free option that makes your life easier.

10. BeFunky
We all want the Adobe suite to be able as on the web, but we can’t have everything… yet! Nevertheless, the internet doesn’t leave us alone. Instead, it hears our prayers and gives us something like BeFunky. We always have to choose between an app for graphics or a photography app, never in between. Say no more to the double work. BeFunky isn’t Photoshop but is quite useful at the end of the day. It’s a tool both for graphics and photographs with plenty of options.

Design Tools BeFunky

More tools are still waiting, but you better start trying these. Remember, the last goal is that you can handle the professional design tools. But, just for a while, take in charge of the visual field by using the tools we provided you. Don’t forget to tell us how they work for you!


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