Disney Plus is now part of Instagram

Disney has recently announced that they are going to be releasing a new streaming service called Disney+. Indeed, Disney+ has already become one of the most awaited platforms in the world. As a matter of fact, even when the company has announced the platform will first be released in the U.S.A, people in other countries are already excited about the streaming service getting into their homes.

Evidently, Disney+ is going to be Netflix’s competition. So, there’s already a lot of people talking about the topic. In other words, everybody wants to know what’s the deal with Disney+. Well, they listened. 

Fortunately, the multimedia company has joined Instagram and now users can see updates of the shows and movies they can expect. Want to learn more? Then, scroll down! 

Disney+ is on Instagram

Disney+ Is On Instagram – What We Know

So, Disney+ joined Instagram on August 19th 2019. Incredibly, it only took one day for the company to gain its first 100k followers. Moreover, they were granted the verification badge in no time. (Literally less than a day). 

Now, here’s the thing. We all want to know what we can expect from this new streaming service. And now thanks to Disney’s new Instagram account, we can do just that. As a matter of fact, we can learn about the shows they will be putting on their platform. 

And oh boy! Some of them are just pure gold. One of the Disney Plus’ most recent posts is a sort of introduction video where users get to see the content they will be able to see on the platform. Did we already mention they are giving us gold??? 

Disney+ has made it official that its users will be getting access to all shows and movies from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and Nat Geo. But, there’s more. The streaming service will also be creating original shows and movies for us to enjoy.

Evidently, all news regarding Disney+ content can be found on their Instagram page.

When Will Disney+ Become Available

Disney+ is set to come out in November 2019. However, the streaming service will only be available in the United States. At least during its first few months. Evidently, people all over the world are more than willing to pay for the service. 

So, Disney+ will eventually become available for both Europe and Latin America. Unfortunately, there is not much information regarding the date in which this service will be released to these locations. But, what we do know is that the platform will have a much lower price than that of Netflix’s. 

Apparently, Disney+ will cost $7 a month and users will have an option to make one annual payment of $72.


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