Double Tap Liking Feature

Instagram has recently rolled out a new sort of feature that allows users to like comments by double tapping on them. The overall idea of this feature is to get users to like comments the same way they like posts. 

But, was it really necessary to release such a function? Well, the truth is that the Instagram double tap like feature is not of much help. As a matter of fact, you could easily like comments by simply tapping the heart icon next to them. 

However, we suspect Instagram is just trying to please its users with these sort of things. After all, little things matter. Indeed, the photo-sharing app doesn’t only put effort into developing big features such as Direct Messages, or Instagram shopping.

But also into the user experience (UX). This covers releasing small features such as the double tap like for comments and more. 

Double Tap Like Feature


This is not the first time that Instagram has updated its comments section. In fact, when the photo-sharing platform released the liking for comments option, there were some limitations. 

For example, users would need to open the comments on a certain post before being able to tap the heart next to it. However, time passed and Instagram decided to allow users to like comments without having to expand the comments section on user’s feeds.

Instagram’s second update which allows users to like comments without having to expand to the comments section.

In other words, Instagram doesn’t only care about developing big-time features, but also cares for the little ones. Evidently, the latest update for liking comments on Instagram is nothing from another planet. 

Still, people aren’t complaining about it. Now, we don’t think the photo sharing app will be updating its comments functionality a fourth time. But, then again, when it comes to Instagram, you never know. 


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