Download Your Instagram Data

Instagram Data

It is not a secret that Instagram, as well as every other social media platform, store our data in their servers. Therefore, they have the power of using our information as they please. In early 2018, for example, the Facebook Cambridge Analytica data scandal outraged a lot of people.

Of course, at the time everybody knew the giant in the world of social media had information on everyone. However, the fact that they used this information for political purposes, without consent from their users, was simply wrong. 

cambridge analytica

Since then, people have become more careful with what they post on social media. Nevertheless, after Facebook messed things up, it was more than obvious that they had to do something to amend their mistake. Hence, a new Instagram update. 

So, why Instagram? Well, Facebook wanted to ease off their users after the major scandal from earlier this year. However, it was going to be hard for users to actually trust the platform again. Therefore, they decided to make things right by releasing an update for their other platform, Instagram.  

Now, this update allows users to download all their data from the photo-sharing platform. In other words, we now have to power to see what Instagram has on us. Some people would even call this an improvement on our online privacy

Instagram data tool

Download Your Instagram Data

Downloading all your data from Instagram is a piece of cake. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Go to

Currently, Instagram does allow you to download all your data from the platform. However, in order to do so, you need to enter the web version. There is no date on when this feature could actually become available for mobile devices. 

how to download data from Instagram

2. Click the gear icon and select Privacy and Security

Once you have entered the web version of Instagram, you just need to click the gear icon next to where it says edit profile. Lastly, select Privacy and Security and you will be ready for the final step. 

download data from Instagram

3. Select Data Download

Finally, all that is left to do is for you to scroll down and select data download. Once you have done that, Instagram will ask you to enter your email address and that’s it. You are now able to download everything the photo-sharing platform has on you.

Instagram data download

Final Thoughts

Facebook did mess things up when they decided to use the information of over 80 million people without their consent. However, they seem to be working hard now to amend their mistake. Fortunately, we are now able to see how much Instagram knows about us. 

Nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind that despite all of this, social media platforms still know things about us. Unfortunately, that is something that we have to cope with in order to be able to use such platforms. 

For now, we can only say, we are happy that Instagram is trying to prove to us that we can trust them.


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