Employer Branding Instagram Strategy

Employer Branding is the image and reputation a business has due to its current and future employees. So, in simple words, is the way the world sees you because of what they see in your employees. Thus, you need a great Employer Branding Instagram strategy.

And, it seems something simple. But, it’s necessary that the business takes place in different strategies so the corporate identity results attractive for the current employees, and especially, the future ones.

Therefore, the main goal is that the Employer Branding works as a trigger to attract the best professionals in the area. So, let’s take a look at the best practices for your strategy on Instagram.

1. Images
Be careful with your pictures and graphics because Instagram is a visual platform. Therefore, images are the ones which speak for you. Now, you have to focus on selling your business as a good employer. Thus, speak the truth and show the benefits.

2. Filters
We know, filters are a temptation. Sometimes, we want to use them all. Although, we have to try not to use many. Instead, post clean and natural pictures that show the mood of your business.

Employer Branding Instagram Strategy

3. Content
To optimize your Employer Branding Instagram strategy, try to post fun pictures. Also, post friendly videos, with an optimistic sense showing your business culture.

4. Values
Today, every single brand builds everything based on their values. Although, it’s not a simple thing to do. Meaning, it has to make sense and work according to on what you do. Thus, find the thing that connects you with the audience.

5. Captions
A caption is a bonus you have to use wisely. Meaning, there’s no need of putting a meaningless text. Sometimes, if there’s anything better to say, it’s ok to post your picture with just one line. In any case, keep in mind it helps you to promote your voice and message about the business’ culture.

6. Hashtags
Hashtags are helpful for many things, such as classify your pictures or videos. Although, it has to be a wise decision all the time. So, don’t use those not related to your brand. Instead, apply some Branding Hashtags defining your business and employees.

7. Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories is a powerful tool today, not just for the popularity that it is but because it helps to beat the algorithm. Also, it allows you to show the most spontaneous side of your employees and what they do inside the business.

8. The Star
If you want to put the final touch to your strategy, then, read carefully. Post, once a week, an image of different work teams in your business. Even though, it doesn’t have to be one of them working. So, you can be creative and post images of them in an event, birthday, farewell, presentations, new workers, special meals, and whatever they do together.


Now, it’s up to you, and we hope you have tools enough to start thinking about your Employer Branding Instagram strategy. But, we need to tell you, there’s one step more, which is searching for some good examples and get some inspirations.


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