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Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks of 2016. Within few years, this social network has gone from a trendy iOS-only app to a huge social network with Android and web presence and it’s showing no sign of slowing, in fact, if anything, this popular network is expected to grow further in the next two years.

Currently Instagram boast of over 300 million daily active users, this means that anyone can leverage on this network to achieve virtually anything such as giving more exposure to your business. Unfortunately, many are yet to discover how to utilize this fast growing network to their advantage. Once you’ve decided to add Instagram to your marketing tools then you will have to deal with get good number of followers.

In this article, we’ll discuss practical ways to ethically get more followers on your new Instagram account:

1. Create Professional Profile

While Instagram may look like a place to catch fun, it’s more important that you have a stunning professional profile if you want to get huge followers on autopilot. It’s very important that your photo and description look great since that’s what people will see before they will decide to follow you or not.

The trick I found most effective is to upload about 15 to 20 high-quality photos that match the focus of your account. Funny images work great too. You must ensure that you avoid ugly or irrelevant photos in your photo feed

Instagram is all about photos; don’t expect anyone to follow you when you are boring them to death with uninspiring images or silly text screenshots. Spend time to select your best photos that provokes emotion from viewers, that’s number one trick of gaining more followers.


2. Use Your Existing Channel

No need to limit yourself to Instagram when you can use other existing channels to broadcast yourself. Once you’ve created a stunning profile, copy your Instagram profile link (e.g. https://instagram/infamouspro) and share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and through emails. You can as well use your blog, website and other platform you may have to solicit for followers.

Sharing your Instagram profile link is a great way to get your first 50 to 200 followers depending on the size of your network. Ask people to follow you on Instagram and promise to follow them back, most people are looking for Instagram and will quickly jump on board when you promise to follow them back.

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3. Leverage Other Instagram users

Hopefully, once you are done getting people from your existing network to follow you on Instagram, it’s then time to reach out for more potential followers.

One sure fire way to get someone’s attention on Instagram is by leaving a nice and thoughtful comment on their photos. Forget everything you’ve heard about “Instagram shout out”, commenting on other users photos work great.

Explain why you like the photo or why it made you laugh, don’t just say “great photo”. When you leave a thoughtful comment on another person’s photos, they will be happy to also check out your photos and even follow you since you sound like a great ally (friend).

Great comments work better than asking other Instagram users to follow you.

How to leave hundreds of comments in few minutes:

Leaving hundreds of comments with your phone is a daunting task and you will get tired even before you achieve your objective. An easier way to leave hundreds of good comments much faster is through your computer. Go to your computer and open IconoSquare , then log in with your Instagram account.

The next step after logging in is to search for a hashtag that relates to the focus of your own account, leave deserving thoughtful comments on those photos. For instance, if you post about women fashion, search for hashtags such as #fashion and #womenfashion.

Note:  Only leave comments on photos that have less than five comments and posted within the last day or two. In most cases, nobody will notice your comment if there is already lots of comments on the thread.


4. Engage Your Followers

What’s the point of building on huge number of followers on Instagram if you don’t plan to keep them engage? The only way to keep on getting followers is by posting high-quality photos on a regular basis. If you can post twice everyday that will be great but remember you don’t have to sacrifice quality for quantity.

Avoid posting multiple photos at same time or you may end up annoying followers that don’t want to see a lot of photos from you. Spread out the frequency of your posting; don’t post more than one photo within a 6 hour period.


Gaining huge number of followers on Instagram is easy if you know what you are doing. The steps above are ethical methods to gain more followers, if you apply them you will definitely see an increase in the number of Instagram followers you will get within a short amount of time.


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