Facebook Dating Feature
Which is better for dating - Facebook or Tinder?

Facebook Dating Feature

There used to be a time when people had to leave their houses to meet other people and work their way towards a relationship. However, over time things evolved to the point of letting technology take care of that aspect of our lives. Currently, there are several dating apps that do the job for us. Evidently, this idea has proved to be successful – so large social media companies decided to get into the game.

Facebook, for example, has recently released what people are now calling the Facebook dating feature. But what do we know about it – let’s have a look.

Facebook dating release date

How Does It Work?

Facebook Dating will be quite simple to use. First of all, you need to create a separate profile from the one you use on Facebook and fill in your interests. From there you can search for people who share your interests and request to send them a message. Of course, you will have to wait to either be accepted, or worst case scenario, rejected.

Facebook Dating will only show your photo, basic information, and your chosen interests. In fact, the main idea behind this is to be quite similar, but at the same time different to how Tinder works – but how?

Well first of all, Facebook will only connect people with similar interests to avoid casual encounters. Basically, it does the same as Tinder, but making sure that people actually meet to work towards having a relationship, rather than just meeting for a one night stand.

Lastly, Facebook Dating will also import the age and location of the user on the platform to avoid people being catfished.

Facebook dating helps you connect with more people


There are always risks when it comes to meeting people online. However, Facebook has done its best to make sure our privacy is protected. As mentioned above, users will have to create a separate profile from the one they already have on Facebook in order to use this service. This is something new. Therefore, some updates will be made in the future.

For now, we don’t know if it’s safe to trust Facebook – at least not after admitting to having used the information of 50 million users last winter to support the presidential elections in the United States.

Nevertheless, the giant in the world of social media has assured that the Facebook dating feature was designed considering the privacy of its users.

Is my privacy safe with Facebook dating


At the moment, Facebook dating is available in Colombia, Canada, and Thailand. However, it is expected that the social media platform will release this feature for more countries soon. Unfortunately, there is no date on when this could happen. So, we will have to wait.

Facebook dating is available in two more countries

Facebook Dating Vs Tinder

When it comes to dating, Tinder is by far the most popular app out there. Of course, there are more like Bumble, or even Happn. In this case, we will only talk about Tinder and Facebook.

It is still too soon to talk about which platform is better. In fact, we might have to wait a bit longer to examine the pros and cons. Nevertheless, there are a few things we can actually talk about. For example, Facebook Dating differs from Tinder in more than one way.

Yes, they both allow people to find a date online. However, Facebook is more focused on actually helping people find love, whereas Tinder… Well, Tinder has become popular mostly because people use it as an app where they can find someone for a one-night stand.

Facebook Dating also has a feature called Second Look. Such a feature allows users to go back and check the profile of a person they were not interested in at first. Tinder offers something similar. However, in order to be able to access it, you have to pay, whereas in Facebook Dating, it’s free.

In short, Facebook is proving to value people actually getting to know each other. But, as we mentioned before, it’s too soon to jump to conclusions.

Facebook dating competes with tinder

Final Thoughts

We understand that some people don’t like the idea of allowing technology to take care of our love lives. However, this actually isn’t such a bad idea. There are even people who literally found love through these kind of apps and eventually got married. It all really depends on the type of person you meet. Nonetheless, we don’t judge the people who want to go classic and go out to meet someone they might like.

Platforms like Facebook and Tinder only give a little push to people of this generation. So, everyone is free to do things their own way. Our only hope is for people to find love, regardless of the way they do it.



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