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Instagram has millions of people interacting on the platform every single day. But, here’s the thing. Lots of the Instagram accounts interacting on the app are not actually real. So, what does this mean? Well, to put it briefly, it means that many of the Instagram accounts on the platform do not belong to real people. 

Instead, they are simply bots programmed to do something specific. For example, liking people’s posts, commenting on a photo, following someone, etc. In other words, there are millions of fake Instagram accounts that were designed specifically to serve those purposes. Moreover, many of these bots spread spam as if there was no tomorrow. 

Evidently, Instagram considers this to be a problem. As a matter of fact, the photo-sharing app has cleansed the platform from bots more than once. But the truth is that bots simply continue to appear. And now, they are moving to not only liking posts and following people, but also to interacting with our stories.

Fake Instagram story views

Why Is This A Problem?

So, here’s why fake Instagram story views are a problem. You see, Instagram has been dealing with bots for many years now. In fact, they have managed to get rid of them more than once. Unfortunately, bots always find their way back into the platform. 

And every time they return, users suffer the consequences. Indeed, many of us know how to identify a bot when we see one. However, that’s not the case for everyone. Sometimes, Instagram users even get scammed by these bots. 

So, these fake Instagram story views allow the bots in question to pose as if they were real accounts. In a nutshell, they are free to continue spamming and scamming people on the platform. 

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What’s Causing it?

We don’t know for sure what is the cause behind so many bots operating within Instagram. But, some people believe they find their way into the platform through third-party apps.

Unfortunately, there are many Instagram users who download apps with little reputation and give them access to their personal accounts. A very unwise decision to make if you ask us. Consequently, these third-party apps install bots that then start performing specific actions. 

Sometimes these are spambots that trick people into giving them personal information. Instagram has been very clear about its position towards third party apps. They are prohibited and could actually cause you to lose your account.

However, there’s not much control to this rule. So, people will more than likely continue to use them for as long as Instagram exists. 

How third party apps affect Instagram


There is not enough information as to when Instagram is going to solve this problem. However, there’s one thing you can do in the meantime. You see, a lot of Instagram accounts get views from bots. And it really doesn’t matter if you have a hundred followers or a million. 

These bots will interact with accounts from people all over the world so that Instagram does not detect them as computer programs. So, if you happen to check your stories and you find a spam bot, please feel free to report it. This way, you will be helping the platform in their fight against bots. 



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