Instagram Famous Animals

One of the most viral content is represented by animals and no wonder why. Animals can be hilarious as much as they can be adorable until they melt our hearts. Even if they make a grumpy face, that’s just another way to touch our souls. Therefore, people watch millions of animals’ videos on YouTube every day and share memes on Facebook. Also, if you look closer, Pinterest boards about animals are as popular as tutorials and DIY stuff, so there are infinite resources when it comes to these beauties of nature.

There’s content for every taste. If you like wild animals in the jungle, we assure you can find all kind of safari material that makes you feel the adrenaline and sensation of big and powerful animals. Instead, if you’re more into adorable pets, you’ll find out that most owners adore playing with their puppies, recording it and making something fun or lovely for the web. So, either you prefer potential information or just entertain yourself; animals will be there for you.

Believe it or not, there are a lot of animals truly famous. Would you believe us if we tell you that some animals’ accounts on Instagram are over 1 M follower? Well, if you don’t, you better start to do so. Because what you are about to see is creativity, love, and a viral trend. Some owners decided to make their pets famous on the platform, and they’ve succeeded. Evolving them in some fresh stories, dressing them in funny costumes, making them do funny faces or spreading cuteness in every single post, these babies conquered Instagram, and they will rule for a while.

1.  @marniethedog

If you had to choose a winner among all the dog’s pictures participating in #TongueOutTuesday, this baby would be the winner.  This 15 years old Shih Tzu proves that no matter how old you are, there’s always time for some fun and feed that young spirit. She goes for all kind of adventures, but what she loves the most is to spend quality time in fancy restaurants, great coffees and being a hopeless romantic.  Her most distinguishing characteristic is her tongue, making you want to squeeze her and love her.

Famous Animals Accounts

2.  @mr.pokee

No, we’re not joking. Someone in the world has a hedgehog as a pet, and it’s the sweetest thing alive! Mr. Pokee lives in Norway and has a personal email and stickers collection. Her owner loves to take him with her to any adventure and take a picture of him next to a snowy landscape. Suddenly, he turns into a soft little ball of love, and the only thing we want to do is to caress his little tummy and play with him until we fall asleep together. Don’t miss any of his tender adventures and meet the most famous Scandinavian hedgehog.

Famous Animals Accounts

3.  @tunameltsmyheart

Tuna has over 1.9 M  followers on Instagram. Yes! You read it well. It’s a consolidated pet star, and its community just keeps growing. Its face is what made him famous, with his sad puppy eyes and sharp teeth, Tuna has some pictures with thousands of face gestures that goes from terrified, sleeping beauty, goofy, crying, to the most adorable sad face asking for something. Also, enjoys wearing wigs and all kind of costumes that matches perfectly with its personality. Its fans make a lot of fan arts, and we can see it on its feed. We love you Tuna!

Famous Animals Accounts

4.  @pumpkintheraccoon

Rescued animals deserve a happy and entertained life. So does Pumpkin, a rescued raccoon with the most adorable face you’ve ever seen. His profile is composed of funny and cute stories of him and his other rescued friends sharing some quality time, playing around inside the house, laughing out loud and going outdoors to join others animals around and start new adventures. He has a powerful and undeniable personality that almost makes you think he is a person, but he’s an animal treasure with more than 1.1 M followers that follow him step by step to find out what is he doing next.

Famous Animals Accounts

5.  @realgrumpycat

There are many grumpy cats, but just one that’s real. He is the grumpiest of them all, and its more than 2.2 M followers prove it. With a verified account, what once was a viral trend, now has a face to represent it. We love him from the first picture we see in his feed, and then it gets better.  He’s part of the most memorable moments in history, sharing pictures with Jackie and John Kennedy, maybe offering a speech at the White House or posing next to Lincoln. His grumpy face is an established brand so we can also find a good merchant, like a good pair of socks, pillows or even Christmas ornaments. How cool is that?

Famous Animals Accounts

6. @iamlilbub

Yes, it’s next to a ball, but no, it’s not a boy. It’s an adorable girl with an incredible spirit! Lil Dub has more than 1.5 M followers, and we don’t need to ask why just by seeing her beautiful eyes and a little tongue. She’s a sports’ fanatic and loves to support local teams anytime. Also, shares her fame with her owner and pose together for several selfies. Not to mention she’s the star of Lil Dub show and likes to support pet adoption. This little girl doesn’t stop and loves to join every festivity of the year!

Famous Animals Accounts

7. @princesscheeto

We know that this list is full of cats. But how can you blame us? They’re the funniest and most adorable in the world. Now it’s the chance for a cat that doesn’t have millions of followers, but certainly, it has one of the best pet profiles on Instagram. A visual branding better than any company and the best taste for excellent objects to play with while its owner takes amazing pictures. You’ll see her in multiple colors backgrounds playing with hats, mirrors, phones, The Muppets, and even other people. Get into her fantasy world and let yourself dream a little.

Famous Animals Accounts

Now we want you to check all these amazing accounts and find the inspiration you need to create the best profile for your pet and turn it into the next famous animal on Instagram!


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