Bloggers who specialized in the Instagram fashion niche do serve as a source of inspiration, design ideas and valuable information to the fashion industry. Many varieties of feeds from Instagram fashion bloggers are filled with resplendent photographs that are an epitome of class and perfection. However, the elegant lifestyle they flaunt on social media is far from reality.

Clever bloggers and fashion brands have formed a synergy that has turned social media into a thriving high-paying business. This is achieved by publishing sponsored posts by brands or parading outfits bankrolled by brands during fashion events.

The art of monetization of a thriving social media presence also known as “Influencer Marketing” is becoming a point of contention in the fashion world. Recently, the Creative Director of Vogue Magazine berated fashion bloggers and accused them of killing the fashion industry. She wrote on the magazine’s editors column about Milan Fashion Week that bloggers who change sponsored outfits every hour should desist from the act and find another business. “You are heralding the death of style”. She lashed out.

In addition to this, the Fashion news editor of Vogue (Alessandra Codinha) made a similar critique by referring the blogger’s behavior during the fashion week as funny and embarrassing. She said the event took a radical divergence from a celebration of style to a rather boring repeated the circle flaunting of “ridiculous outlfits”, posing, shuddering on seats, updating social media feeds and going back to change the outfit. However, this continuous checking of social media is not about fashion, it is all about blogging business.

In an interview with Influencer Marketing Agency, A firm that matches fashion brands with top-notch social media bloggers revealed the financial rewards behind the plethora of fashion posts on our Instagram feeds.

According to the spokesperson of Influencer Marketing Agency, the fees charged per-post “vary significantly” according to the target audience and the blogging platform of the Influencer, social media reach, credibility and influence of the blogger over followers.It was confirmed during the interview that bloggers can earn between $100 to $11,000 for contents created to promote products from brands.

In a related discourse, Jenny Woods, founder of Zaapt – a social media platform for marketing teams told Mashable that an Instagram celebrity with 1.3M followers in the Fashion and Lifestyle niche was recently paid $6,000 for a single Instagram post! Another brand paid $20,000 to a reality TV star with 1.2M followers on Instagram for a series tweets and posts on Instagram about the brand. Woods further revealed that Influencers with more than a Million followers can potentially earn between $6,000 and $24,000 for a single post.

As far as the Instagram platform is concerned, the price tag on a post is heavily dependent on the number of followers. Social media celebrities like Kim Kardashian West can charge as high as six-figures per post!

Chris Kyriacou who is the founder of social marketing agency- iSocial said that fees paid out to influencer bloggers are totally dependent of the level of engagement of the blogger’s audience and also the “worth” of certain influencers.

A marketing expert told Page Six that Kardashians do earn to the tune of six figure dollars per Instagram post! The source said that Kardashians do post in the music, makeup and fashion niches and her Instagram posts presently cost up to $400,000 per post.

Taking into consideration the amount of cash flowing in the social media platform, everyone should consider building a social media following!


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