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We keep digging on the Instagram lessons from Fashion Brands because we know you couldn’t have enough from one single post. Therefore, we completed the list of other brands that will teach you how to walk the Instagram runway like a pro. Remember, all we want is to inspire you, so don’t worry if you’re not a fashion lover, just focus on the trends, tools, and ways of doing things. Keep scrolling down!

8. When you own a color, and yet, you effort enough to make it better.

We’ve heard from Tiffany’s from ever, and it’s one of those brands that bring us back memories we don’t even have. Besides, we can all know from it just because we saw that Audrey Hepburn’s movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” And yet, we feel like we spent all our special moments related to that place. Thence, we can blame the color of the brand. It’s irresistible, eatable, lovely, romantic, fresh, timeless. Furthermore, it’s the perfect example that you have to choose wisely your brand’s identity.

It’s been decades since Tiffany’s first appeared in this world, and it adapts perfectly to each era. A perfect example is their Instagram account because they understand what they need to do. If you take a look, you’ll find from the most straightforward post to the most produced ones. And yet, all of them look like they’re from the most recent brand. So, keep always that in mind, make your message timeless.

9. The most refreshing way of doing the Instagram puzzle is a work from Yves Saint Laurent.

We saw an example of how a high brand adapts to new trends. Similarly, Yves Saint Laurent did during all this year, and now, we can take much from their way of working on Instagram. For instance, if you look at the image below, then you’ll think this is a single piece, but it’s not. Instead, are several posts, and together they create this puzzling effect on the feed. It’s a perfect way of rocking your Visual Branding like a pro.

Also, it’s a fantastic way of selecting the best from a lot of material you want to show. Sometimes, you have too many famous people, many good products or such, and you don’t want to stop from sharing anything. So, this is an excellent way to show too much without exceeding your audience’s patience. And, come on, something like this will make you look like a Social Media Rockstar.
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10. Prada knows best when it comes to cinematography skills and new ways of the video.

Maybe, you don’t get the image below, and that’s what we attended because we want you to go straight to Prada’s profile. In case you didn’t know, they became the first fashion brand on doing a short film for Instagram Stories. Yes, you read it right, a produced short film in a vertical size, especially for the Instagram’s feature. And for that, they have all our admiration. Furthermore, they’re a huge inspiration for those who wanted the best quality in this formats.
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11. Alexander McQueen is the king of detail photography for Instagram.

Some things never change, and that’s perfect. Details are something we don’t want to disappear from Instagram, and honestly, we think they won’t. Meaning, almost every brand, if not all of them, need to show details from their products. But, the question always is: how should we do so? Well, if you’re looking for inspiration, then we introduce you to Alexander McQueen.

The British brand famous but they still do things differently every year and can’t stop from surprising us with their way of showing their creations. Now, they try to focus on handmaid clothing details and want to show the process and results to their audience. To do so, they show spectacular items that make us feel like we’re touching the products.
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12. Learn how to become the best Influencer Marketing guru from all times.

There’s no just one lesson from Balmain because we can have almost a guide on how to rock Instagram. It seemed like yesterday when this brand was nearly forgotten until his new director took the control and brought it back to life. Since then, it only gets bigger and bigger. Therefore, sit and read their most significant steps carefully.

First of all, they took the best from the best and added the Kardashian family to their list of Influencer, who shortly became Brand Ambassador. It increased the number of followers and real clients. After that, they caught all the famous models from Instagram like Gigi Hadid, and Victoria’s Secret angels, so that they created an army of famous girls with fantastic attitude on Instagram. Ultimately, they’re collaborating with other media┬ábrands and increasing their audience.
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13. Versace can teach you one thing or two about an elegant and modern feed.

When we think about Versace, we think about sexy, wild, intense colors, femme fatale. Therefore, all the Visual Branding goes in that direction. Although, those words don’t necessarily mean vulgar when it comes to visuals. All the opposite, they bring you the perfect chance to create the most beautiful feed of all and let your audience feel like the brand is not losing it on Instagram.

Like you can see down below, all the Versace flavor is well elaborated in a similar background. But, playing with different colors in every single post, creating a contrast between all of them. It works perfectly for Versace audience, which is mostly adult, or young girls with mature soul.
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Thank you for joining us on this two-part trip through the fashion brands world, which is incredible for inspiration. It’s also an excellent industry to keep an eye on to stay updated on trends, Influencers Marketing and such. Please let us know your thoughts!



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