Female Brand Ambassadors

Some may say that social media is almost entirely female. Whether you agree or not, it’s undeniable that women are very powerful on every platform, especially on Instagram. Furthermore, there’s a lot of content created specifically for the female audience, and these type of products sell super fast.

A significant role in the e-commerce through these platforms y performed by the Brand Ambassadors which are one step forward from influencers. These characters are more committed to the brand and represent a lifestyle. Therefore, if you mix this strategy and female power you’ve got the perfect match in Social Media: Female Brand Ambassadors.

Although there are a lot of male brand ambassadors like David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, George Clooney, or even Leonardo Di Caprio, females are the ones ruling the social media platforms for many obvious reasons. Even the female audience prefers other women to look up to, because they set up beauty and lifestyle standards. Therefore, we’re not surprised to see lots of popular girls with more than one sponsor.

That’s why we’ve selected a few examples of the most amazing female brand ambassadors on Instagram, so you can watch how they do their work. It might also help you to find out how the dynamics work and how these great girls showcase the brands they represent.

1. Kendall Jenner

When it comes to social media influencers, Kendall is one of the most important. What a brand pays her for one single post on her profile is something almost unbelievable. However, it always has an immediate effect and no less than 1 million views.

But, what people don’t know is that Kendall has committed to some brands faithfully as a brand ambassador.¬† They embrace her lifestyle, and are related to what she wears or uses on a day to day basis, not only as a model but as a regular young girl too.

Kendall Jenner

2. Rihanna

Rihanna is the perfect dream for every outrageous brand! That’s why Puma gave her the honour of designing her own clothes line. This is one step beyond being a brand ambassador. To accomplish something like this, the BA and the brand have to be extremely related. And so they are! Riri has already launched twos seasons of FENTY and has become in the first lady winning “the best shoe” award. Cool, right? It only takes confidence and hard work to let the Brand Ambassador make your brand even greater!


3. Gigi Hadid

This girl is the very same “Model of the year, ” and we’ve seen her in every space during the last years. From Zayn’s video, Fashion Weeks, as a TV host and being Kendall Jenner’s best friend. Also, this girl gained the trust of the most remarkable brands in the fashion industry such as Tommy Hilfiger, which let her design an entire collection, and Reebok, where she connects through the energic spirit.

Gigi Hadid

4. Stella Maxwell

You probably remember her from that picture of Miley Cyrus kissing a girl next to a car. But this model is more than that. First, Stella is one of Victoria’s Secret angels, and she’s become one of the favourites so far. Recently, she added another accomplishment to her list by being selected as Brand Ambassador of Max Factor makeup, who joined her at the last Victoria’s fashion show.

Stella Maxwell

5. Bella Hadid

Following her sister’s steps in becoming successful. The youngest Hadid has imposed her vampire look and sophisticated air in the fashion industry. That’s why many prominent brands like Versace, Givenchy and so on, has invited her to the most exclusive fashion shows on earth. Also, Dior, one of the eldest and respected houses has added her as her Brand Ambassador for her makeup line. Bella has launched several campaigns but also a lot of content that shows her in a current mood, bared skin, and being funny. This is a perfect example of how an established brand adapts to the figures of the new era.

Bella Hadid

6. Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss is a particular case. This girl is one of the most famous supermodels, but we’re not talking about that. This time, we share her commitment to one good cause: improve the education for female web developers. Herself is an informatic enthusiastic, and she supports any startup that has to do with coding. Also, she’s created #KodeWithKlossy where she supports a few selected girls with developing aspirations and motivate them to accomplish an academic formation. How cool is that? She’s the Brand Ambassador for her cause!

7. Anna Dello Russo

Not a supermodel but the queen among them! Anna is the master guru in fashion blogging and also the editor for Vogue Japan. But most importantly, she has an incredible young spirit. Anna practices yoga, swimming, cycling and¬†loves to go out to party all night long. Those particularities and the fact that she’s Italian are the reasons why Dolce & Gabbana chose her as her Brand Ambassador, and she joins them in every new adventure around the world. That’s why we can see her in the opening of new shops in Brazil, St. Barths, or next to the designers giving a private party in Milan.

Anna dello Russo

Now that you knew these girls, you can create a profile of what you could look for your brand. Remember, there’s no need on your BA be a supermodel or a celebrity, these girls are not only selected by their fame, but they have also been chosen due to their unique personalities and how they match with the brand’s culture.


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