Female Filipino Celebrities

We decided to get out of Hollywood for a moment and take you for a trip on the Instagram land. As you may know, Hollywood stars are not the only ones who count their blessings. Nevertheless, sometimes we forget to look for what’s going on the rest of the world. But, don’t worry, we’re here to help you get through that isolation moment. Therefore, this time, we’re going to take you to the most followed female Filipino celebrities. Believe or not, The Philippines has a big entertainment industry, and there’s a lot of famous people trying big things on Instagram.

Some of the most famous artists are female, and they’ve got profiles with up to 3M followers. Most of these girls are full artists, who can sing, act, model, and dance. Besides, they take care of their image and sell their lifestyles. So, there’s a lot of lessons you can learn from them and escape one moment from your feed.

1. Kim Chiu

Her Asian roots make her look cute as she is. Therefore, this girl had the path to success guaranteed since the beginning. Furthermore, she’s what the industry calls “triple threat” because she can sing, act and model. Also, she’s always up to new artistic challenges, so you’re never going to get tired of her account. Be part of her community with more than 3M followers.

Kim Chiu

2. Toni Gonzaga

If you’re in the mood for new sounds or new music artists, then you will find this profile interesting. Toni mixes R&B, soul, and pop on her repertoire. Besides, she works as an actress too. She’s part of a long list of TV shows and movies. And, since 1998 she’s been involved in the entertainment world. So, now you can find her exciting life on her Instagram account.

Toni Gonzaga

3. Marian Rivera

When you’re trying to create a personal brand profile, it’s hard to find good references. Perhaps, you have to start looking at a different direction. This time, we want you to look up to Marian Rivera, who’s a Spanish but Philippines’ naturalized. She’s an actress, singer, dancer, and model. But, she decided to create a brand of herself and the things she likes to do. Thus, you’ll find her giving cooking tips, floral advice and so on. Ultimately, she knows how to drive her audience between the several activities she loves to share.

Marian Rivera

4. Nadine Lustre

Creativity, colors, different moods and a dream world it’s what you’re going to find on Nadine’s profile. Although, she’s not a photographer or videographer. Instead, she’s a model, actress, and singer, whose first appearance was on a singers TV show for children. Now she’s 23 and has a great taste for Instagram posts. She took the name of the girl group she comes from (pop girls), seriously. All you’re going to see on her profile is trendy, happy and advanced.

Nadine Lustre

5. Pia Wurtzbach

Of course, Pia is the only one you recognize from the entire list. In case you don’t, Pia was Miss Universe, but her coronation was the most controversial moment in the contest’s history. At that moment, Miss Colombia was crowned as Miss Universe, thanks to the host’s misreading. Seconds later, he apologized to the audience and announced that Pia was the rightful queen. Indeed, it’s not the best way of starting your reign, but she took the best from it. Now, the ex Miss Universe hasĀ up to 4M followers that support her on every move.

Pia Wurtzbach

6. Kathryn Bernardo

She’s also a singer, actress, and model. But, Kathryn uses her Instagram profile in a more personal way. She wants her fans to get to know her better for who she is. Despite the large list of movie and television hits, she wants to stay faithful to her fans. Therefore, there’s no surprise on the fact that she has 4.8M followers. It’s a reminder of how important is to stay pure on Social Media. That way, people can relate to you more easily.

Kathryn Bernardo

7. Liza Soberano

Make a picture going viral and how to look great on a selfie, are part of the many things Liza can teach you. With more than 5M followers, this actress, model, and singer know all about style. Even though she’s only 19 years old, she has everything figured out. So, if you’re starting your career, you may find Liza’s profile helpful.

Liza Soberano

8. Anne Curtis

Knowing where to bet for the future is a blessing. Thence, Anne knew that Social Media was important since the beginning. So, she took it seriously and built interesting profiles to help her career. Now, she has more than 6M users on Instagram that can enjoy her posting. Her followers can enjoy her multi-platform projects and keep the track on her viral diary. Certainly, she’s someone we have to keep an eye on, due to her experience and vision.

Anne Curtis

That’s the end of our worldwide Instagram trip for now. It’s important for you to know what’s going on out of Hollywood. Remember, there’s a lot to see yet, and we have to search for inspiration on every corner. So, tell us, what other places would you like us to take you?


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