How to find the perfect hashtags for your picture
These 2 hashtag strategies will help you get more likes.

Hashtags are one of the most effective ways to get your Instagram photos seen and liked. We always recommend that you use anywhere from 3 to 30 hashtags for your photos to ensure a solid amount of likes and comments.

There are two main strategies that you can use when adding hashtags to your photos.

Use the most popular hashtags

This strategy is great to get your photos seen by the most amount of people possible. It can help get you many likes and even followers. However the people who are searching for these hashtags may not be interested in your photo or your Instagram feed, so any followers you do get using these hashtags may not be interested enough to like or comment on any of your future posts.

Use popular but relevant hashtags

The other option is to find hashtags that are relevant to both your picture and to your Instagram theme all while still being popular enough so that people are actually searching for these hashtags. This is much more time consuming as you need to research hashtags for every photo you upload. But there are a bunch of websites and apps that try to help you with this. One we recommend is Hashtags 4 Follows, there you can tap on the topic that is relevant to your picture and instantly get the most relevant and popular hashtags for that topic. If you have the time to use these hashtags then you are far more likely to build a community of followers who interact with your future posts.

Always remember that no matter which strategy you use, always make sure that you are first posting great photos. The better your photo is the more likes these hashtags will bring you.


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