Finsta Accounts
What exactly is a Finsta account?

Finsta Accounts – What Are They?

Since Instagram was first released, hundreds and thousands of trends have been born. Some of them a bit too unusual, and others totally harmless. In this particular case, teenagers have come up with something new and somewhat interesting – Finsta accounts! So, what exactly is a Finsta account? 

Well, Finsta accounts are pretty much fake or secondary accounts created by teens to release a bit of social pressure. Currently, teens have what is known as a Rinsta (a real Instagram account), and a Finsta.

Finsta accounts

This way they can manage different aspects of their lives by using different Instagram accounts. But how on earth did this trend begin? 

Well, it all began back in 2017. At the time, Instagram was just releasing a new update that allowed users to switch between multiple accounts. Of course, this opened up a big opportunity for people to own alternate accounts that could be used for different kinds of purposes. 

How to manage multiple Instagram account

Don’t be alarmed yet! It’s not what you think. It is totally understandable to imagine teens creating secondary accounts to do shady stuff. Perhaps creating a community from where they can share sexual content and all of that.

Why do teens have Finsta accounts

However, this is not always the case.


There are quite a few reasons why teenagers decide to keep a real Instagram account that’s open to the world, and a Finsta account for a select group of people. Here are some of the reasons: 

1. Social Pressure

First of all, let’s try to understand something. Right now, there are literally millions of teenagers who experience social pressure. Things aren’t the same as they used to be in the past. In fact, nowadays it’s pretty common for girls to be mean to other girls just because they don’t wear specific clothes, or use a specific type of makeup. In other words, teens are prone to suffering from bullying. 

As a result, they often create Finsta accounts where they can be completely themselves. In the meantime, they try to show a perfect side of their persona in their “Rinsta” or real Instagram accounts.

Teenagers on Instagram

2. Friends

Another reason why teens often create Finstas is to share stuff with their close friends. Sure, they can do that on their real Instagram accounts as well. However, teenagers almost always have followers that wait for the perfect moment to criticise. 

In the case of a Finsta account, teenagers are able to share their goofy side with only the people they trust. In short, Finsta accounts ensure teens won’t have to worry about looking silly in front of people they don’t know. 

Difference between finsta and Rinsta

3. Popularity Boost

Finally, there is one more reason why teens often create Finstas – popularity. It’s not a secret that teenagers love social media. But, along with social media, there is popularity. When one is a teenager, life seems like a popularity contest. At least in most schools. 

Therefore, teenagers create Finsta accounts to like and comment on posts from their real Instagram accounts. 

teens like their own photos on Instagram

Final Thoughts

To hear that a teenager is creating a secondary Instagram account sounds a bit suspicious. Naturally, we understand that parents can get worried about that. However, most of the time, there is nothing to worry about. Finstas are mostly used for the purposes we described above. 

Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to check from time to time what teens are up to in the social media world. As long as they’re not doing anything shady, we consider Finstas as just a stage in the life of a teenager.



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