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Wake up! There’s another meme trend, and you have to keep an eye on it. But, don’t worry, here we’re to save the day as we usually do. Honestly, it was hard to pick just a few because there’s a lot to watch and laugh about. Although, we kept it professional and selected 15 great examples of how to use the first of all memes. You will adore it, so keep scrolling and have fun!

1.  There’s never too much fun between party friends

We know it’s a bit too much to use a kid for something like this. But, Internet can’t control itself. Aren’t we all like babies when drunk? Of course, we are! So, for now, we will accept this similarity between situations. Furthermore, it’s a funny thing to remind ourselves how we mix words when having a conversation after a few drinks.
First of all meme

2. You have this hidden card

Ending up a relationship might be hard. Although, we’ve got a new salvation. Therefore, you can say goodbye to those days when you had to figure out what to say after an ultimatum. If someone asks you to erase a number, you can always post something like this on your Instagram. As a result, you no longer have to have that awkward conversation.
First of all meme

3. Kim, holy Kim. You always have the answer

Is it possible that there’s another better person for “rest bitch” face memes than Kim Kardashian? No, certainly, no. How genius to use the Social Media queen to “I don’t care at all” meme like this. If you’re in the mood of feeling truly important and treat someone like they’re not, then this is the right for you.
First of all meme

4. Things are the way they are

So many people don’t understand an indirect, apparently. Well, say no more! We’ve got the best piece of meme for those who don’t understand. Go straightforward on your feed and post this. In fact, there’s no need for a caption. People will immediately know that when you’re not in the mood for talking, you won’t answer your phone, period. Also, if you don’t know that person who was calling, they will understand too.
First of all meme

5. Make them respect your beliefs

A lot of people criticize girls who wear makeup. And, who cares what you do with your look? Most importantly, is it wrong to try new styles and stuff? No one is judging people who go bearskin. Similarly, most make up artist receive these kinds of stupid messages, so here’s what you need to post. Next time somebody thinks they’re better than you just for wearing mascara, post this:
First of all meme

6. Every hair stylist  will feel related to this one

Instagram is the holy center of beauty, and there’s nothing we can do about it at this point. Besides, we want to stop ourselves from wanting all those fantastic looks we see on our feed. However, some of them are impossible because of a lot of reasons. But, we don’t get this at first. And, sometimes we go to our specialists asking for something absurd or not accurate for us. Please, guys, use this often.
First of all meme

7. Not everyone is in love, ok?

Isn’t that annoying that the world pretends everyone is in love? Well, if you’re also a romance hater, who always goes straight, this is the perfect meme for you. Perhaps, somebody once assumed you were genuinely in love, and you weren’t. Thus, we invite you to respond by using this fantastic “First of all” phrase, it’s simple and to the point.
First of all meme

8. Let’s go shopping no matter what the card says

We just want to close your eyes, imagine this scenario and laugh until you can’t handle it anymore.
First of all meme

9. Sponge Bob is one of a kind

For many years, we’ve seen that people use a cartoon to relate them to memes. Although, there’s no surprise in that because we laugh just by seeing a cartoon character. Especially, when it comes to a favorite character like Sponge Bob. He’s terrific and has a particular sense of humor correctly for this kind of memes. Which another cartoon would you use?
First of all meme

10. Meme from a meme 

When a meme has a meme of itself, it means that it’s on another level. And, we could figure that out from the fact that there are around 40K posts of this. But, the point here is, someone smart made fun of the same meme’s essence. This meme is perfect for someone who already knows about this trend and uses it a lot. So, why don’t you post it to your feed and tag a meme friend?
First of all meme

11. Say no to bullying!

We all have a group of friends where we’re the bullying objective (in a gentle way). Similarly, they can make fun of us because we’re the shorter person in the group. But, there’s no point in arguing something that’s obvious. Thence, we need to go with the flow and make fun of it too. Ultimately, if someone makes fun of our height or personal improvement, this is the correct answer.
First of all meme

12. You can also be part of the trend

If you haven’t made a personal emoji, then it’s the perfect time for you to do it. Mostly, if you’re a person who aims to be an influencer in some way through Social Media. Now, you can also mix it with this meme trend and let people know it from your emoji first. “First of all” creat an emoji and then we can talk.
First of all meme

13. There’s always a good song for each joke

What can we possibly do without old songs? We can’t stop from hearing them and neither from using them when a new meme trend comes out. Don’t feel guilty! Everybody does it, so why don’t you try too? Here’s a perfect example, which uses the “Firs of all” statement and a part of a song that matches perfectly. Genius!
First of all meme

14. Go hard or go home!

Typically, someone asks you how you do to party and work a lot. Perhaps, it’s just magic, but you can also have a secret. We can always joke about sleeping and working because that’s what grown-ups do, right? So, here’s a piece of art for those who party a lot on Tuesday and have to go to work next day morning.
First of all meme

15. Brand that meme!

We left the best for the last. It was hard enough to pick just 15 examples of how unusual this meme trend is. Here’s our best choice. Not everything is just a simple humor meme. We can find a useful resource when something so “empty” like this comes to light. For instance, this brand took advantage of the trend and used it for celebrating World Day of Pasta, which what they sell there. Amazing!
First of all meme

Don’t say your day isn’t better now! Of course, we made it better, and that was the point. Now, it’s your turn to share your favorite memes with us and create some of your own!



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