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In Visual Branding, there are some commonly forgotten or misunderstood details. There’s a difference between the conventional design and the particular design for Social Media platforms, not only because of the size but also the order and shape of the elements in a composition.

For example, for Social Media photography, we’re allowed to experiment with different angles searching for the right motion; or for a video, we can do much crazy stuff because it’s appreciated in these channels. But when it comes to a general aspect, such as the fonts use, we can see huge mistakes out there.

It’s normal that a font included in a visual composition for Social Media looks awkward, out of the size or even without something in common with the spirit of the brand. Therefore, people might lose interest in the posts because they don’t look natural, and mostly, they don’t look aesthetic. Even though your fonts are beautiful, if you don’t apply the right one, it might mess up all your work.

Also, there’s another common mistake about fonts. Sometimes, you’ve got the right pair, but they’re good only individually, or maybe you want to combine eight different types. If you understand that less is more, we can tell you that a mix of five different fonts isn’t right for Social Media posts. Instead, two or three would be a better choice.

Getting the right fonts combination is another delicate subject, and it takes time and practice to get the right one. That’s why we first invite you to take a look at these great fonts¬†options.

You need to know the basics

There are for types of fonts:

-Serif: These are used by a little bit more serious brands like papers, law, and so on.
-Sans Serif: These are fresh, easy to read, and more versatile.
-Script: Normally, these are companions for the previous ones.
-Decorative: Not the favorite for Social Media, but used in particular cases.



1. Montserrat
If you can’t decide between a Serif and a Sans Serif, then this is the perfect font. Using Montserrat, you have the best of both worlds. It’s what we call and hybrid font and works perfectly for almost any case. Also, it’s neutral and easy to combine with any other font. Besides, you can adapt it to any design giving a fresh but serious air.

Montserrat Font

2. Novecento

Novecento has become very popular in web design. It’s a full family with different types of fonts but all of the same essence. It’s imposing and makes your post be the center of attention due to its high stroke and shape. It works perfectly for a clothesline or a club, as long as you use it wisely.


3. Helvetica

Queen of the kingdom. Helvetica is not only a right font. It’s the preferred one by many designers around the world. It combines with almost any other font family, you can read it perfectly in any size, and there’s a lot of ways of use it. Despite the fact that it is not meant for logos, it’s accurate for any Visual Branding composition.


4. PT Sans

You might think that every Sans Serif font looks the same, but we assure you they don’t. PT Sans, for example, is a very rounded one, with a feminine and sophisticated touch. If you have a literary project or an institutional one, then this is a good choice.

PT Sans

5. Playfair Display

If you’re into Serif, but you think they’re boring for Social Media posts, Playfair Display is what you’ve been waiting for. It’s a friendly Serif font you can easily combine, and you can also use it for your Content Marketing headlines.

Playfair Display

6. GT Walsheim

GT Walsheim is for people who loves geometric shapes, and it’s ideal for a lot of business. It has a modern look and gives a serious but friendly sensation when you read it.

GT Wlasheim

7. Merriweather

You might find a lot of fonts especially created for digital formats, and this is one of them. It’s common to see a lot of accounts with reading passages, poetry, personal quotes and so on. If that’s your case, the Merriweather can help you with the readability.

Merriweather Font

8. Open Sans

Like Helvetica, this font is used by a lot of web designers and now has become even more famous due to the new mobile¬†optimizations. And remember, when we think about Social Media design, we should think mobile first, because it’s the place where our users look our posts the most.

Open Sans

9. Stay Writer

Of course, we have show you hand lettering options. If you thought that this was a passing trend, you probably thought wrong. Hand lettering is becoming a more reliable option for almost any brand desiring a human touch on their posts, and this option is quite perfect! It works perfectly alone, or you can mix it with another Sans Serif.

Saty Writer Font

10. Nawabiat

If you’re starting a women’s clothe brand, this is a perfect option. This handwriting font is fresh, feminine and stylish. You can use to attract a young audience and give your brand a fun personality in every post.

Nawabiat Font

11. Tikal Sans

Tikal is an unconventional Sans Serif because it looks versatile, but it has a unique shape that gives it a strong character. Every style of the font can be used for many purposes, so it means that you have different fonts in just one family.

Tikal Sans Font

12. Stalemate

Stalemate is a star from Script group. It’s perfect if you want a defined character for your posts, and you’re a vintage fanatic. Stalemate works perfectly with Sans Serif fonts, and it’s easy to read in almost any format.

Stalemate Font

Now that you know these 12 fantastic and straightforward options, it’s time for you to start experimenting with forms and sizes. Remember that a single font has unlimited possibilities, so mold it until you find the perfect shape.

Don’t forget to try all the combinations before you make the final decision. Also, keep in mind your brand’s color and how they work with the font.


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