Game Of Thrones Season Finale

Game of Thrones season finale was yesterday, and yet, we can’t stop talking about it. Instagram was ready with memes, scenes and fan art after everything ended. Now, we picked the best 11 posts for you. Enjoy and recap all your favorite moments, emotions and feelings. Although every second was a shocking moment that deserves a post, people took it to another level. Find out what makes Instagram explodes now.

And once again, if you haven’t seen the episode, don’t tell we didn’t warn you!

1.  Game Of Thrones’ fanatics, doing what they do best!

In a world made of fantasy, of course, we only get fantasy fans. It was almost impossible to pick 11 posts for this article, and we want to show you this one first. Amazing sculptures from our favorite characters to make them immortal. Although not all of us can make art like this, we certainly appreciate those that do.  Furthermore, the user gave us a 360 look at this video. So, control yourself before ordering one for your collection!

2. Big brands know how to take the best from the best

One thing that amazes us every time a hit series have a season finale, it’s the way big brands adapt it to their purposes. This time, a fantastic soccer player represents the strength of the wall. Even though the wall falls by the dragon power, the player represents the strength that can’t be broken. Therefore, we can imagine the emotion this provoked on the team’s fans.

Game Of Thrones Season Finale

3. Introducing Rhaegar Targaryen

Why did it take so long? We wanted to see Jon Snow’s, sorry, Aegon Targaryen’s father from a long time now. And, now we could finally see him, we want more! Although, most of us knew this theory was correct. We couldn’t help to sigh and be shocked by Bran’s news. Undoubtedly, the female audience wanted to see the complete face of this character, and Instagram was the perfect place to show it! And yes, he looked like Daenerys’ other brother, but it’s not the same actor.

Game Of Thrones Season Finale

4. We’re sorry for those who haven’t seen Game Of Thrones Season Finale yet.

If you’re here, you can’t blame us because we made the spoiler alert clear. But, believe us, we understand you if you’re one of those that couldn’t have seen the episode yet. Indeed, spoilers are as annoying as unstoppable, but you can always have the choice to log off from Social Media until you see it. Although, we want to show you this post to comfort your soul after knowing the dragon destroyed the wall.

5. We want this for Halloween

OMG! Yes, we screamed as you did. How fantastic is this costume? Of course, we all want it, but at the moment we can just admire it. Perhaps, we can make, at least, the mask for Halloween. Certainly, this is the best way of watching the Game of Thrones season finale. We all want this costume even for a day-to-day. Furthermore, everyone secretly loves this king, right? So, let’s not hide it anymore, he’s a fresh king, and we want this costume now!

Game Of Thrones Season Finale

6. Filters made us happier than ever!

Who didn’t have fun yesterday with this filter? If you didn’t, we’re sorry but was an amazing anteroom to release the pressures of the Game of Thrones season finale. It’s almost impossible for all of us to get a costume like that one from the previous number. Nevertheless, technology and face recognition are always ready to save us from sadness.

Game Of Thrones Season Finale

7. When you’re a real fan

Calm down! We know we’re real fans and yet, we can’t take a picture like this, Although, we want to applaud this man because of this image, and we can dream about one like this too. By the moment, we can start planning how to build a throne like this for next Game of Thrones season finale. Thus, we’ve got two years to collect swords, iron and a dragon to help us merge all. In case we can’t find the dragon, we can always use gum, no one will notice.

Game Of Thrones Season Finale

8. Best revenge moment of the series, so far.

LOL! You hadn’t thought about this reference, but it was in your sub-conscience all this time. We can’t tell how much we enjoyed Littlefinger’s murder. But, thanks to Arya, it was fast enough to let us breathe again. After all, Bran gave some vision words and made their sisters work together to put an end to this villain. So, Bran, you’re acquitted from your careless attitude. All of you are better than Scooby-Doo squad.

Game Of Thrones Season Finale

9. Best quote/statement/reason of life/lesson/wisdom ever!

If you’re under 18, you can certainly not repeat this mantra, ok? For the rest of us +18, the grace of Universe is on our side. Tyrion is always the voice of wisdom (not all the time, but yeah), and this time he nailed it! After all the words going and coming, he said what was in our minds! Afterwards, everybody understood how bad the situation was, and from now on, lucky is the only ally.

Game Of Thrones Season Finale

10. We’re all got the feeling 

Yes, this one comes from Twitter, but you know now we have to express our Twitter feelings on Instagram. So, nothing more accurate than this thought. Everyone in Kingslanding was shocked, while this man experienced love at first sight. He just wanted to touch it and see it face to face. We were all expecting Daenerys and Jon moment, but let’s face it, this was the real love scene of the chapter.

Game Of Thrones Season Finale

11. The sensation we all got at the end of the episode

After laughing, crying and being in constant despair, the worse is yet to come. We all have to wait up to almost two years for the last season. We’re going to create all kinds of theories, indeed. But, we’ll experience agony until 2019. The Red Wedding is nothing compared to all the time we have to wait until we finally see who takes the throne.

Game Of Thrones Season Finale

We’re all in this together! At least we’ve got a lot of potential material to laugh and create theories. But, please, tell us, which are your favorite posts?


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