Generation Z

Generation Z belong to an era where they can find anything on the Internet. Therefore, since they were babies, they interacted with Smartphones, Tablets, Wi-Fi and so on. Furthermore, they know how to make choices like shopping online. Not to mention, they interact perfectly on Social Media.

A big difference between Millenials and Generation Z, it’s that the first ones know no limits when it comes to posting or sharing something on the Internet. Instead, Generation Z is more selective. Besides, Social Networks they use are more specific. Therefore, you need to know some of their characteristics.

1. They’re fans of connection, not just to their computer but to their Smartphones. Thus, being connected doesn’t represent a bother at all. In fact, it’s part of their lifestyle.

2. Ever since they’ve got an easy access to technology, it makes them always being in touch with their friends through Social Media.

3. They’re capable of creating groups and communities thanks to the Internet and Social Media. Actually, teenagers get to the point of being social group leaders. Furthermore, defending social rights and movements.

Generation Z

4. Staying in touch not only makes them closer to friends and family. Also, they use technology to approach brands and business. So, here is where the use of a good strategy comes to play the game.

5. Most used Social Networks are Snapchat and Instagram.

6. One of the platforms that Generation Z use is Minecraft, where they get lost in virtual worlds built by themselves. Thus, they tend to love to get really involved in the creation of something new.

Differences between Generation Z and Millennials

Although both generations interact intensively with technology, they have some remarkable differences. Therefore, if you’re able to notice them, then, it will help you to guide the Social Media strategy.

1. They’ve got fewer levels of attention than millennials. It’s due to they live in a moment in history where there are updates each minute and they have to process the information quickly.

Generation Z

2. Generation Z is capable of multitasking. For instance, they can take notes in a traditional notebook while they research on the computer. And, at the same time, they’re using their Smartphones and Tablets. Besides, they can do all that being in front of a friend or family.

3. It’s a entrepreneurs’ generation, where the majority of young people think they can have their own business.

4. When it comes to brands and business, they don’t think in loyalty. Instead, they want to feel appreciated and noticed. Otherwise, they just leave. Also, they want to get things fast.

Generation Z

Finally, the importance of knowing Generation Z very well is this will be the most of the people in the next years. So, if you want to get success, then you need to


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