Instagram – a community with over 400 million active users is the rave of the moment. This photo-sharing app without a doubt is the king of engagement. Imagine the benefits you will stand to gain by becoming famous on Instagram.

Being famous on Instagram is not as hard as many people think. When you become famous on Instagram, you will have a chance to be featured on the main instagram website. With right strategy, you can become Instagram famous in couple of weeks. We recommended some proven-strategy to become Instagram famous in this article.

Below are some experts tips of becoming famous on Instagram

1. Create a Professional Profile
Everything starts with creating a professional profile. You don’t have a chance of getting much followers or becoming famous when you don’t have a professional profile.

Here is how to create a good profile

A. Choose a Catchy Username: You need to choose a theme for your Instagram page before choosing a username since your username will depend on your theme. If you are into fashion, something like @fashionpro will be good. You need to get creative when choosing your Instagram username.

When you lack ideas, use name generator at to get idea of a good username. You are allowed to use underscores or symbol.

B. Use an artful Photo of Yourself: Instagram users like to attach a face to a name. Don’t be afraid of using your real picture. Just make sure it is an artful photo of yourself instead of an object.

C. Choose a Theme: You need to concentrate your Instagram account around one theme so that people can associate you with that topic. Your theme can be about fashion, sports, celebrities, work from home, softwares, education, relationships. Just choose anything you are good and comfortable with. If you know your stuff, you will become famous with it.

2. Posting Photos on Instagram
Your entire Instagram life depends on photos you posts. The photos you post can make or mar you. Here are some tips to get the best from the photos you post on your Instagram page

A. Upload only the best photos: Don’t just upload any photo, your photo must be able to get reaction from people. Before uploading, think of how the photo make you feel, are your audience going to get the same reaction? Famous Instagramer knows how to manipulate photos to get best reactions.

B. Use Photo Editor App: If you are using Android, consider downloading PicSay Pro or PicsPlay Pro while iPhone users can download Snapseed or Colorsplash. Use these editors to edit your photos on your device before using Instagram filters.

C. Post Constantly: You will not get famous if you are not posting photos constantly. Take hundreds of photos, of course, you will not post all of them, simply select the best and post constantly at least 5 times per week.

D. Don’t Forget Captions: Use humorous captions for your photos, they often get the best reactions.

E. Get Personal: If you are a business or brand, try to switch to something personal once in awhile so that your followers will know the other side of you.

3. Getting Followers
Gaining followers on Instagram can seem like a daunting task but it is not impossible. You will not become famous until you gain lots of followers. Here are some tips to gain many followers

A. Link Your Account to Other Social Network: Link your Instagram accounts to your Facebook and Twitter, let your friends there know that you are now on Instagram and they can follow you.

B. Follow other Users: You will gain more exposure when you are following other Instagram users. They can see your comments and posts and follow you back. In fact, it’s very difficult to become famous on Instagram when you are not following other users. Post encouraging comments on their posts and like their photos. Respond to people who comment or like your photos, you can start a conversation using their name and don’t forget to congratulate other people on their success.

C. Create or Join A Contest: Creating a contest on Instagram is a great way to engage the Instagram community, when you don’t want to create a contest, make sure you join one.

D. Use Hashtags: Hashtags works; they can help you increase your exposure. Place hashtags of what is trending on all your photos and you will see the effect almost instantly. There are some popular hashtags such as #love, #instagood, #friends, #fun, #pickoftheday that you can use to gain more followers and likes.

C. Tell A Story: Tell a creative, original and honest story on your Instagram account. A story that elicits reactions is a perfect way to engage your followers and keep them coming back for more.

E. Collaborate with Other Instagrammers: Ask other popular Instagrammers to borrow their account for a day. This simply means they will help you to post on their account. This can bring you lots of exposures and subsequent followers.

If you want to get famous on Instagram, you need to get active. Post regularly and engage with other users. These steps recommended above are some of the proven strategies some famous Instagram users used to get to the top. It worked for them, we are pretty sure it will work for you too!



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