Golden Globes Moments

Another awards season is on. So, prepare for good Instagram posting! Besides, it won’t be only about celebrities and fancy dresses. It’s also about what channels decide to show on Social Media, and which posts people prefer to post on their profiles. However, it takes time to learn to see these posts beyond of what they show. So, we prepared the best ones from Golden Globes awards for you to learn how to see them.

1. Welcome to Instagram, Natalie Portman

The Golden Globes brought a special news from one of our favorite actresses. Yes, Natalie Portman has finally joined Instagram, and she made it epical. How? Well, she devoted her profile to an entire campaign for Time’s Up!, which is the reason everybody wore black.
Golden Globes

2.  Slow motion keeps ruling the red carpet

It’s been a while that this trend is on! And, it seems it won’t disappear soon because we still see the success it has. For instance, this beautiful slow motion of our dear eleven became viral Sunday night after she walked the red carpet. Therefore, we better get used to this format and start applying it to our events coverage.

3. Together we’re better

It’s beautiful to see all women together. But, it’s even better to see such talented women up for a good cause. Thus, almost all the most famous names in the industry took part in the Time’s Up campaign and put together for an epic picture. So, it teaches us that we have to keep a record of the big moments of our events.
Golden Globes

4. Wonder woman being wonderful

She stared one of the most iconic female characters on the screen. Yes, this is Gal Gadot, the new Wonder Woman. Of course, all eyes were on her because of the powerful icon she represents now, since the day we saw her wearing that costume and empowering women. Thence, her image is part of the big visual trend, gretty women.
Golden Globes

5. Lovely couples we adore 

There’s always time for love. So, let’s take a time to see those backstage images of the loveliest couples in the industry. In this case, we see the funny Justin Timberlake and the adorable Jessica Biel in a spontaneous love moment. Remember, those out of the stage moments are going to generate more engagement than the produced ones.
Golden Globes

6. Powerful speech from a powerful woman

Certainly, Oprah took the night. Firstly, she’s Oprah and everybody loves all she does. Secondly, because she was representing the voice of a strong movement. Finally, she put in words all the wisdom and warning to bring awareness of something is causing trouble for all women around the world.
Golden Globes

7. Millie is the star now, but she has her own stars.

Our dear Eleven from Stranger Things is an icon so far. But, she enjoys to meet and take pictures with her favorite stars. Furthermore, she shows us a tender side of each one of them. So, remember, no matter how famous you are, remain humble. Also, spend so time collaborating with people you admire or shares your values.
Golden Globes

8. Female power!

Another one for big reunions. This time, it belongs to diversity, which means that this picture shows not just female power but also diversity acceptance. However, this trend and movement are still on the run, and we have to keep encouraging it as much as we can. Consequently, we ‘ll hear all the voices and what they have to say.
Golden Globes

9. Hair trends for everyone!

Yes, we know, too much of Eleven. But, come on, she’s the IT girl of the season and all eyes are on her. Besides, you will learn how to use an Influencer for many content purposes. In this case, all the beauty fanatics enjoyed her style. Thus, she became a trendsetter and we could see how many Instagrammers replicated her look.
Golden Globes

10. Fashion is always in the spotlight

Of course, what would be of a show without a Kardashian-Jenner? Here, we see the lovely Kendall Jenner, bringing some fashion glam to the red carpet. However, this is important because it reminds us to bring people reliable to our event. No matter she’s not an actress, fashion is an important thing in this events. So, it’s nice to see the best-paid model around.
Golden Globes

11. Time flies!

A big time to post chronological images is during an event streaming. Furthermore, it’s nice to both remember and compare how someone was doing in the past, and how is doing now. Mostly, when it comes to fashion moments and big awards. It brings a bit of nostalgia and perspective. So, try to make some of these next time you get the chance.
Golden Globes

12. Fan art of powerful moments

We can’t miss fan art because somebody took a moment to celebrate a big moment and create a good piece of it. Besides, we adore seeing our favorite people through somebody else’s eye. Also, it’s good to explore and find new artists who can help us references for our visual content and trends.
Golden Globes

13. History comes together

They spoke first and showed support later. We heard their stories of abuse pasta year, and now they taking part on history to change it. Although, we still see them as the biggest stars. But, now we saw the most human side of theirs, and we love to connect with truthful words and makings.
Golden Globes

14. Where are the Stranger Things fans?

One thing we can not forget is to bring good merchandising because it helps for a better picture. Remember, when you invite people to play or make fun of something, people will engage more with the content. Besides,  people will remember for days if you create good pieces to take pictures.
Golden Globes

15. Of course, we needed to see these two.

The two characters of the season showed up together and couldn’t get enough. Although this man is about to get married, we can’t deny we only wanted to see Daenerys and Jon Snow. Thank God, we’ve got a lot of this, and therefore, a lot of fan art and memes after the show.
Golden Globes

Which were your favorite posts of the night? Share them with us and tell us what you learned from them!



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