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The big night of music was a night full of stars. And therefore, a night full of Grammy 2018 Instagram posts. So, we’ve got a big-time selecting the best of the best. Like in previous awards’ blog posts, you’re going to learn how to handle trends. Also, we’re going to have fun watching funny material like memes and videos. Finally, get prepared for enjoying all your favorite celebrities.

1. Latino Power and one more for “Despacito”

Despacito song is still a big worldwide phenomenon, and we can’t get enough from it. As a result, we expected to see the must successfully hit on the big music night. In fact, it was better than that, and we could even see the starring model from the video performing live.

2. When you remember celebrities are regular people too

It’s hard to remember that famous people do regular things too. Actually, they get excited just like we do and so on. Therefore, we love to see these particular moments where emotions take over. Besides, we have to remember that we keep working on more humanized things and relationships.

3. Queen of hearts or stars!

After a few years from her début, Lana Del Rey is still ruling our hearts. Furthermore, she celebrated a record recently because her first album is still in the charts after all these years. How cool is that? Well, she’s still rocking music and being a style icon.

4. Kids know best. And yet, Blue Ivy knows better

We die from seeing this family together. And yet, we die a bit more by seeing Blue Ivy’s funniest moments. However, it’s almost like something we’re expecting now. And, thank God she always does something funnier every time she comes out with their parents.

5. Old Britney is always great at any stage of our lives

We don’t want to make fun of Britney all the time. But, honestly, how can’t we? Meaning is not the real her we make reference. Instead, we refer to an old her that was lost and confused. And, at some point, we just make fun of ourselves every time we feel the same way.
Grammy 2018

6. Rihanna, please take a bow, and keep being awesome!

No matter if she’s “fat” or “skinny”, thug look-alike or diva presence. Rihanna is always stunning, and the media always let her know. Of course, she was one of the spotlights during the night, and people went crazy about all of her looks.
Grammy 2018

7. Raise your hands up in the air if you feel related

Let’s just say that everyone has done it, and don’t feel guilty about it because is normal. Even when is about talent and our favorite artists, awards season is about one extra thing. Furthermore, isn’t it fun to gather with our friends and talk about outfits?
Grammy 2018

8. Good all vibes because new vibes are too mainstream

We love retro looks, and our favorite artists too. Especially, when they’re related to particular groups. In this case, we see a colorful Bruno Mars and her artist friend together in one latino retro look we adored
Grammy 2018

9. Be part of the trend. But, always with a special touch

Nobody knows how to be more reckless than Miley Cyrus. However, this time, she didn’t make anything we can regret. Instead, she took part in the white rose trend. But, of course, she had to do it her way.
Grammy 2018

10. Tropical never gets old, and Rihanna knows it

If you saw her video for wild thoughts, then you know what we’re talking about. Therefore, she took the tropical sauce to the stage and made a colorful performance for the hit. Besides, she’s also proving that beauty standards are overrated and she can handle that.
Grammy 2018

11. Give the audience moments that they will never forget

We saw the black dress code at the Golden’s, and now, we saw the white dress code at the Grammy 2018 show. Besides, it was joined by a white rose and a powerful performance. Thus, we enjoyed a lot of powerful voices together for a cause.
Grammy 2018

12. Two icons from different generations together

It’s funny when you see two icons from different generations because it seems like you’re in both at the same time. But, it’s even better when the two icons are outrageous and funny as these two guys are.
Grammy 2018

13. A big applause for sexual diversity and a huge celebration

A big one for Sam and his boyfriend from 13 Reasons Why. It was exciting that they were together the entire night! It’s a big moment for gay couples, and a big step for the community in the industry. Consequently, we want to see more people being open and happy.
Grammy 2018

14. Don’t forget about boys’ fashion trends

An important issue in events is not to forget that boys are important in the fashion industry too. Therefore, if you’re covering an event don’t just focus on cute dresses. Also, pay attention to what boys are wearing because there’s an important audience paying attention.
Grammy 2018

15. Fan art, once more because it’s never enough

We won’t stop reminding you that fan art is big deal on Instagram. For an artist, it’s important to show what fans are doing. And, for fans it’s important, so that they can call the attention of other fans and artists. Thus, it’s a good way of earning new followers and reaching audiences.
Grammy 2018

16. Once a trendsetter, always a trendsetter

In the past, we saw her wearing the most unexplainable outfits in history. Now, she’s still wearing crazy things, but in a fashionable way. However, Lady Gaga is will always be a fashion icon, and Instagram loves everything she does.
Grammy 2018

17. You’re never too famous to be someone’s fan

It’s amazing to see artists sharing good moments. Especially, when it comes to fan to fan moments. Such as this adorable pictures, where you can’t tell who’s the fan. Either Rihanna being Pink and her daughter’s fan or all the opposite. Anyway, this shows let us see how they get excited about their colleagues.
Grammy 2018

18. Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty

These two people are amazing when they gather together for making great music! Similarly, when they’re together in a good meme. One thing we love about awards nights is the huge amount of meme they left us.
Grammy 2018


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