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Apparently, from now on, everytime a big awards night is on, we need to be prepared for creating humor content of it. If you’re not up to doing but watching and laughing out loud, you will enjoy it as well. It’s almost impossible that night like the Grammys runs free without a meme rain. There’s a lot of celebrities who dress funny, make a weird comment, fall from the stairs, and so on.

This ceremony wasn’t the exception and gave comedians a lot of material to create funny pieces of content that became trending on Instagram immediately. From Beyoncé “Holy” costume to Lady Gaga falling for metal, Instagram exploded with memes, videos and collages from our favorite artists misbehaving or saying crazy stuff.

Therefore, we needed to make a deep search of the best images and videos, so you can get inspiration from it and be prepared for the next awards night, The Oscars. This time we only saw musicians, but next Sunday we can make laugh of our favorite actors. So, keep scrolling, laugh, have fun and take some helpful notes. Be aware of the details you need to check on these events.

1. Riri and Beyoncé

A lot of controversies are around these prominent artists, from girl fights to cheating scandals. Apparently, all of those are fake, but the internet still adores to put them together to make a Mean Girls scene. We saw them hanging out during the ceremony, but this artist took two separate moments from each one and put them together in an amusing collage video, where Beyoncé pushes Rihanna, and she has a drink. Also, reminding the familiar scene on an airplane where someone lies down and make you uncomfortable.

2. Pants off!

Not so much to say about this, but we still don’t understand why this two guys showed up with no pants on the stage. Anyway, they made a lot of people laugh, and hundreds of memes appeared immediately trying to give an explanation to their behavior. Like this one, where they blame Nick Jonas. But seriously guys, this is not the MTVs, why would you do that?

Grammys Meme on Instagram

3. Our living virgin

Beyoncé’s performance was the most memorable presentation for Social Media users. Oh, God! Our imagination had a lot of fun those minutes. We haven’t recovered yet from pregnant Beyoncé memes, and now we have a lot more to watch. From comparisons to Daenerys Targaryen, her “Virgin” costume, to the thing with the falling chair, the world made a lot of art from it. Not to mention the moment she gave the speech where she was compared to an astrologist. God help us!

Grammys Meme on Instagram

4. What’s going on, Cee?

When you’re so famous for the lyrics you write to other artists but want some attention for yourself, you can be capable of doing things you wouldn’t imagine. Maybe that’s what CeeLo Green thought. Remember, this is the same guy whose most famous song is named “Crazy,” so there’s no a lot of surprise on his behavior, right? But even for someone outrageous, a costume like this one is far too much. Just like Beyoncé, CeeLo made the internet explode with a lot of memes where he was compared to a lot of things, like Ferrero Rocher chocolate. But this one right here was absolutely the best of them all.

Grammys Meme on Instagram

5. Adele’s fans attack

Many people complained about the fact that Beyoncé as a black singer didn’t win the album of the year award, and even the winner, Adele, thought the same. But Adele’s fans were more than happy because she was the winner and couldn’t hide their happiness. Therefore, a lot of memes like this one with the baby showed up on Instagram, celebrating Adele’s well-deserved victory.

Grammys Meme on Instagram

6. Katy Perry vs. Britney Spears

Be careful what your mouth says because you don’t know if the whole world is listening to you, or do you? We love Katy Perry because she’s an incredible artist but also for her good sense of humor. Although, this time, her humor ran out of her hands with a comment she made to Ryan Secrest where she mocked about one particular moment in Britney Spears life. Yes! That time she shaved her head. But we also do know it was due to a nervous crisis she had back in 2007, and today mental health is a delicate subject you have to show respect.

Britney Spears didn’t answer back looking for retaliation, but the Internet got her back and made this funny image. Sorry, but not sorry, Katy.

Grammys Meme on Instagram

7. Please, don’t cry

Or do so. Apparently, everybody in that room cried when Adele stood on the stage to receive her album of the year award and instead of flattering herself, she honored Beyoncé and expressed how much she loved her and her music, even saying her album was the rightful winner.

Of course, a lot of memes would come after this dramatic moment, but we found this one amusing. Careless Rihanna is always a sign of rebellion and fits perfect in this meme where everyone was crying, but she was still on for the party.

Grammys Meme on Instagram

8. Little Blue

Blue Ivy is just like her mother, and since a young age, she is a meme queen. People love to make a story of her face, her dress, her parents and what she might be thinking of. Despite the fact that we saw her euphoric while her mom performed and accepted awards, the Internet couldn’t help it and made this piece of humor art where she’s pissed off about mommy performing with baby twins while she’s just sitting with her dad.

Grammys Meme on Instagram

We know you’ve been laughing a lot with this post, and you want more, but you’ll have to wait until the Oscars night to get some more. In the mid time, start practicing your humor writing skills to be prepared for the big night a come up with big pieces of meme art.


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